Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seaside Summer Sampler

Since returning from our beach trip and recovering from being sick, I have been feverishly creating jewelry and Muse Birds to restock the Emporium at Liberty Town in Fredericksburg. You have seen it all before so I won't bore you with too many pictures. However I thought that you might enjoy some of my better photographic work from my trip. ( At least I like the pictures and I have not included a bunch of family shots as those are more just for family)

First glimpse of the Ocean after traversing the dune from the parking lot! Isn't it glorious??????

Her reason for being THERE!!!!!!

One of my Reasons for being there!!!!
We call these wonderful rocks "Lucky Stones". THey have a stripe of a different kind of rock wrapped completely around them. they fascinate me and with each one I find I wonder how it was created and when!! Some of them are quite intricate with stripes going in several different directions. A metaphor for life ,Perhaps? Definately one of my positive talismans!!
I have piles of these specail stones in little shrines throughout my garden. As I visit my garden spaces I come upon little reminders of my travels and glory in the small wonders that surround me.

An ancient inhabitant of the Bayside. We came across this crusty Horse Shoe Crab at low tide on the inside curve of the Cape. Although this is not the largest Horse Shoe crab i have ever seen, he may be one of the oldest!! The barnacles and Lady Slippers that he has hitched to his shell give hints to his age. Oh I wish I could hear the stories that he must have to tell!!! The beaches there are on the bay are totally different, with no surf and very dramatic tide changes. A fabulous treat for any interested in sea life and a wonderful exploratorium for children and adults alike. A wonderful counterpoint to the surf and drama of the Ocean Side of the Cape.

Robin's hydrangeas are simply stunning! I have never seen one with frilled petal edges and the colors of purple were wonderful. i must find out what variety this is as I would love to add one or two of this type to my collection. Hydrangeas thrive on Cpae Cod with all of the salt spray and misty foggy weather.

This home in Chatham must be the scene of many photo shooots!! I pulled over to take several shots of this stunning Hydrangea walk and three other vehicles pulled in behind me!!!

A trip to the Ice Cream shop ws the way that we topped off most of our days!! My girl is motivated by the tumbling surf and great chocolate ice cream!!!

I leave you with a lovely fresh bouquet from a road side flower stand, to decorate your day!!!


Michelle said...

gorgeous photos - I love the umbrellas! Wow, the beach was packed!

yvonne said...

Lovely photos. Enjoyed them very much. Thanks for sharing. I loved the Cape when I visited also.

Judy said...

I'm hearing the sound of the surf on your clever!!! So much to comment upon but most especially the hydrangeas in Chatham....I loved them first in my Nana's garden and then in Chatham! Now I have a dozen or so of my own. That frilly edge on the petals is magnificent!
I found several of your "lucky stones" while walking the beaches in Cornwall! I too saved mine and have kept them in a birdbath...don't ask me why! But whenever I refill the birdbath, I think of our magical trip to Cornwall.
Love the Horseshoe Crab........he is so Cape Cod! They terrified me when I was a kid, but now I just adore them: kinda like Brussels Sprouts! LOL

Glad you are feeling better Dear Heart!


Anna said...

Glad to have you back Elizabeth. We missed you on Saturday. I love the sea sounds!

Mo said...

LOVED the photos! And what a nest of emotions they stirred up! They made me miss you - they made me miss the cape - they reminded me I have one of your precious rocks that you gave me - and I remember horseshoe crabs from visits there as a kid (when the town of Chatham would pay you 5 cents a tail because they were such a nuisance!). Thanks so much for sharing. MISS YOU!!! Hugs ~ Mo

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, sending a hug and a thank you for these totally GORGEOUS pictures to view! WOW, the flowers and the fun with the beach and the sweet lucky rocks! NEAT!

Ro Bruhn said...

Look at those lovely umbrellas and gorgeous flowers.
Glad you enjoyed your break. The sound of the sea is one of my favourite sounds, I could listen for hours.

Marilyn Rock said...

Terrific photos Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing so much with us. xxoo


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