Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Celebration is ON !!!!!

The Pink Aritist Celebration for Breast Cancer Research, that is!!!!!!
This amazing project, bringing together wonderful artists from all over the world is happening again and YOU are being invited to join in to help us celebrate and fight cancer at the same time!!!

This Heart Quiltie is my contribution to the Prize Wheel of prizes that will be awarded to the participants.

For each $10.00 donation your name will be entered in the drawing TWICE!!!
What is the Grand Prize, you ask?? Well behold, the Pink Artist Quilt below and
see more pictures in amazing detail here.

After teh Grand Prize has been awarded, the drawings begin for the prizes on the Prize Wheel!
This is where my Heart Quiltie comes in!! The drawings will continue till all of the Prizes on the Wheel have been awarded. So what are you waiting for ?????? You can check out the Prize Wheel here and make a donation to be entered here!!!

Remember a simple $10.00 donation gets your name entered into the drawing for this amazing collection of art TWICE!!!!!!

The DRAWING takes place on October 15!!!

Welcome to the Sisterhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S As You Stop By These Links, Be Sure to Leave the Amazingly Talented and Delightful Monica Magness, The POWERHOUSE ARTISTE behind this amazing project,



girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I LOVE your heart!!!

Thanks Elizabeth for joining the pink team and fighting this fight with both your dukes up!!!

Shine on!!!

Beena said...

Your heart quiltie contribution is wonderful! Thanks for all the info.

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, I just donated and left Monica a little note! :0)
I hope I win your heart! <3

Trina said...

WOW, what a lovely, intricate piece. There are so many details to take in. I like the addition of the sound of the waves and the gulls ... soooo relaxing :)


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