Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flying Flowers!

One of the pure delight's of gardening orgainically is visitations by a huge array of amazingly beautiful creatures! Two days ago I was lucky enough to enjoy the company of this glorious Swallow Tail! He had an wonderfully long meal tasting all of the delights offered by my perrenial Verbena.

I love this plant!! I am not sure that it is a True Perrenial but I am sure that it reseeds itself prolifically. If you are not careful you will have it sprouting up everywhere!! It will behoocve you to learn what the seedling looks like so you can control where it grows. It is simply unbeatable for attracting hummingbirds and butterflys to the garden and I love it for bouquets. the stature and airiness of the plant gives it almost the feel of Baby's Breathe in a bouquet!!

I am off to a Dyeing Workshop at Artistic Artifacts!! I hope that you all enjoy an Art-errific Day!!!


Beena said...

Doesn't sound so bad to have those pretty blooms sprouting up everywhere! Great pics!

Marilyn Rock said...

It's a miracle, to me, to see a butterfly! I guess because of their temporary stays. Beautiful photos! xxoo

Patti G. said...

Oh so beaaaaaaaautiful Elizabeth!!!!
Enjoy your artful class today too!


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