Saturday, September 5, 2009

Finding Faces

As I have been teaching Bead Work classes lately, I have found that many students are interested in finding face beads and cabs. These items are not easy to come by and to find unusual ones is even more rare. There are several wonderful sources on the net but many don't want to go to the net and buy just one. Besides there is something very important about holding something in your hand and discovering whether it has the right "feel" for your particular piece of artwork.
So I have made some faces. I will be providing these for my students to purchase and I will also use them in my own work to make my work even more MY OWN!


Beena said...

Love these. Great for art quilts! If you decide to sell some of your face bead creations, let me know!

plumblossomlane said...

Very cool! I found some faces today as I was rummaging though some old junk that I had saved.

Anna said...

You know me. Love the faces! Especially the bearded bunch. :)

Saucy Chick Sherry said...

I really like the faces you have made for use in your creative endeavors. Did you make them with polymer clay? The colors are very intriguing. :o)

diving Boracay said...

These are very fantastic. What a very amazing work. Love it!!!


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