Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good Reason For a Wild and Ratty Garden

I really do try to keep on top of dead heading the spent blossoms in my garden, but to be completely honest, it always gets ahead of me!! One of my rationalizations for allowing this to happen is the food source provided for the creatures of the garden by the spent blossoms, especailly when they go to seed.
Do you see her?
She is holding on to the back of the Purple Cone Flower seed head enjoying a delectible treat.

As I was moving closer and reseting my camera, her partner moved in- just like a guy!!

But he was very pleased to sit and pose for me!! So, all in all I now am convinced that I will miss wonderful opportunities to see wonderful wildlife in my garden if I am too quick to clean up!!!


Beena said...

Oh, what a cute fellow!

Sharon said...

I love purple cone flower. I think their orange seed heads are beautiful. Great photo's. Sharon

Melissa said...

I have the exact flower planted outside my craft room window for exactly that reason! And I don't care if it is at the front of the house and the neighbors can see it.

Jacky said...

What beautiful were so lucky to be able to get closer and get a shot of the two of them!

Wonderful all the new faces you are making for your classes and your jewellery...nothing like making it your very own.

Jacky xox

Judy said...

I'm torn just like you: I love my garden to look neat and tidy in the fall, but I also enjoying feeding the finches and watching them feast on the coneflower seeds. What's a gardener to do??? So many choices, so little time! LOL



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