Friday, September 25, 2009

The Great Butterfly Migration

Here in the Piedmont region of Eastern Virginia we are lucky enough to be on the Southern Migration route for many species of butterflys. As the wonderful critters undergo this perilous journey they really count on home gardeners and fall wild flowers for food sources and places for rest and recuperation along the way. Providing a welcoming habitat that is pesticide free and full of nectar producing flowers, is something that I am quite serious about. many fo the most common annual varities of flowers provide power packed nutrition for out wonderful visitors. Zinnia's, Cosmos, Asters , Verbena, and Daiseys are the big favorites and my garden is very active with butterflys coming and going every day now.

Crystalline White Garden Phlox.

Cosmos and verbena.
Sweet Autumn Clematis is also a big favorite.

I thought that you might like to see some of my better photo journalling of this year's migration. Enjoy!

The monarchs are always so very trusting and very intent on their eating. Perhaps they know that theya re safe from predators because of the poison that they carry in their bodies. They know, developmentally, that birds will not bother them anyway!

This little jewel of a hummingbird happened along when I was out with my camera!! i was so excited to be in exactly the right place at the right time!! If you right click on the photo you can get an amazing close up of this hungry guy!! What a treat!!! The birds are all over my garden daily but I have never been this fortunate with my camera!!!!

Next spring and summer , I hope that you all will consider planting some wildflowers and annuals to attract and noursih our butterfly visitors as they undertake their amazing fall journey south.
I hope that all are enjoying the wonders of Fall, that my friends in Georgia are able to dry out from recent deluges and that everyone can get outside and enjoy the natural world around them this weekend!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Thanks for sharing the flight of the butterfly with us here. Beautiful. Every time I see one, I always think it's a privilege! xxoo

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Gorgeous photos, E. Isn't it amazing that the hummingbird can have its wings moving so fast that they blur in the photo, but its head is still enough to drink nectar from the flower? Miraculous!

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, beautiful pictures! I saw a monarch yesterday too......I was so thrilled, I will post later! :0)
Happy weekend doll!

Judy said...

Great post Elizabeth! You are such an inspiration! I plant most of what you describe, but need to add cosmos next Spring. Great picture of the Ruby Throat....I have a gazillion of them too (well, perhaps only a dozen residents but they are busy protecting 'their' three feeders right now) but rarely get a shot of even one!
Happy Weekend...hope your rain was gentle and is gone now.



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