Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Lot Going On!!!

Yesterday I wrapped up my third round of Beaded Cuff classes. My two students, Kim and Linda, did fabulous work with both completing their glorious pieces by the time class was over!!! Big GOLD STARS for you both!!! I do love teaching this class as each student is so pleased with what they have been able to accomplish. They realize that the whole process looks so much more complicated than it really is and that with a bit of time and work , they, too, can create beautiful pieces!!! First I will share Linda's wonderful piece.

In this shot you see her wearing her cuff with the jacket that inspired her piece!! She is going to cause quite a stir when she wears this wonderful ensemble, don't you think????

Here is a tighter shot. This piece speaks so much of Linda's art style- she does wonderful collage work and you can read her blog here!

Here is Kim's glorious bracelet with her inspiration purse!!

And a tighter shot for more detail of her beadwork!!

I am sure that Kim will get raves about her bracelet. I love how kim created her textured ocean of green beads for her fish!!!
During this class we did a wonderful critique of various glues that were used for the final placement of the beadwork on the metal cuff form. Thank you ladies, for your open and frank discussion about which glues you prefer!!! :) These are all invaluable tips for future classes!!
As the Class was taught at the Artistic Artifacts Annex and Judy was out of town , I had the job of unlocking the shop and disabling the alarm system. I was sooo nervous till I actually got in the door and accomplished the tasks without setting off the alarm and alerting the local police. I was so proud of myself!!! What a ninny!! Anyway, Judy is in the process of prepping for a big Sewing Show that takes place enxt week at the Dulles Expo Center where she will be a vendor. Her work tables were covered with wonderfully lucious piles of hand dyed linens that she is putting together into fabric collage packs for art quilters.
I could not resist snapping a few shots of the wonderful textiles that she has to offer!
It is amazing how Judy's wonderful dye process can transform these old linens into wonderful pieces for fabric collage and garment work!!!

I just love the texture of this dyed and washed cheesecloth!!
But I like this shot taken with light coming in through the window, so much better!!
I have also finally gotten around to finsihing up the lining on my neice Mali's beaded cuff bracelet. It is an 18th birthday present and it is already late, as is the ocean cuff that I created for her sister Kate!!! Now I can finally get these two gifts on their way to Africa for my gorgeous girls to wear!!!
Here you can see Mali's cuff with the ultra suede lining all stitched in and finished off!
I love moving projects off of my To DO list and onto my Taa Daa list!!!
I also just delivered some more jewelry to Liberty Town for sale in The Emporium.

Now I have to get working on items for Christmas sales and create my shirt from my Sunprinted Linen!!! So many fun projects to work on and dream of, and so little time!!!
Art on!!!


Dotti said...

Your students did a great job Elizabeth...and I can bet they had a ton of fun in the process. By the way, love your presentation of your jewelry...on embellished tags. Nice touch!

Judy said...

Oh Lord Elizabeth: do you ever sleep Darlin?????
Your students 'done you proud' and those cuffs for your nieces are gorgeous!

ariel freeman said...

You have been busy! Great to see you yesterday. The beadwork is beautiful and does look very complicated. I love the glorious color of your fabric photos and I your front picture with the clothesline...inspiration for a painting maybe :-)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments about my beaded and lace pins! Wow! Girl, you should talk! You TEACH beading! The cuffs shown on your blog are fabulous! Don't you just love this artistic endeavor!
So relaxing! And no two are ever alike!
Come back again sometime!

Marilyn Rock said...

Students' works are beautiful; they had a great teacher, too. The dyed linens are to "dye" for. :) Thanks for sharing so much. xxoo

Patti G. said...

Your class did ggggggggreat Elizabeth and why not......LOOK at their teacher!!!!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!
Wonderful job and your earrings are gorgeous, along with your sweet tags to hang them on! Beautiful!
I want to crawl into that pile of dyed cheesecloth! WOW!

martha brown said...

I so wish that I could take your class! I have more zippers for you -- are the ones that I sent before too "vintage"? The ones that I have now are mostly a bit old....and more sombre colors.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a feast for the eyes, your colours look wonderful Elizabeth and your pin cushions in your latest post look as if they would melt in your mouth.


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