Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gelatin Mono-Printing Seminar

This past Monday I held my first in Studio art Seminar with two wonderful new friends!! The subject of the day was Gelatin Mono-printing. this was a big deal for two reasons! It was my First in Studio Teaching but it also meant that I had to have cleaned and cleared work surfaces to use!!!!! I did it!! The studio was cleaned and organized!!!!! A true Miracle!!!!!
In this printing process we used blocks of gelatin as our printing surface. The paint was applied to the gelatin surface , various tools were used to remove paint or to mask paint transfer and then fabric or paper was applied to the painted gelatin surface and prints were lifted. it is a ton of messy wonderful fun that is full of surprises and Ah-Ha moments!!!
Mono means one and each print is a totally unique print from this amazing surface that really cannot be duplicated!! As you work on the gelatin surface, if the block of gelatin has been removed form the pan, the surface starts to break apart leaving wonderful cracks and texture in the surface that transfers to the fabric or paper in the printing surface. Very very Cool process!! We had a blast and I could not have asked for kinder friendlier more adventurous students if I had written the Perfect Student Recipe myself!!!!!Inge even brought lunch for us!!!!!
Inge and Lara sought me out throught the work that I display at Liberty Town . Lara (daughter of Inge) had been all set to attend Art and Soul in Hampton Va, last year but had to cancel a month before the event, because of health issues. As you can imagine she was very dissapointed!~! So wonderful Mom Inge was trying to make up for this dissappointment by providing a day of exploration in art and she chose ME as the Art Provider. Well, LUCKY ME!!!!!
Enough talk, on to the pictures !!

Inge is removing paint from her painted gelatin block using a spool for a stamp. She is stamping the paint onto paper towel. (another wonderful substrate for collage)!

Here is Lara about to lift off her first print!
WAIT FOR IT............

TA DAAAAA!!! Very psychadelic!!

Here you see Inge arranging ferns and vines form the garden on top of her painted gelatin paint before placing the fabric on top. The leaves etc. will mask the paint in that area and the result will be........

This glorious print!!!!
Here is a selection of other prints that we made that day.
Net bags were used here for texture and you can start to see evidence of cracks in the gelatin surface- more texture!!!! (bottom center, you can see a purple fissure opening up!)

Here large bubble wrap was used as a stamp before printing. No one is allowed to jump on bubble wrap in my house anymore!! "AWWW MOM! You're no fun!!"

As we cleaned off our various tools we used Baby Wipes with Aloe- gentler on the hands!! Of course these wipes were not discarded, but hung to dry with everything else. Once dry we used rubber stamps to overstamp. The wipes have light weight batting feel to them once dry and will make wonderful additions to fabric collage pieces!

This was Lara's first print and she was not happy with the colors. Inge rescued the print by overstamping with a wonderful pear stamp and black ink.!!!

Here are some prints done with foliage. the purple is the print done with the ferns on the painted palte and the white is the print done after the foliage has been removed fromt he painted plate. This second print is often called the Ghost Print and the detail is wonderful!

THis is one of the gelatin blocks after a day of printing. More and more cracks are opening up and the texture of the plate itself is becoming more and more interesting. After we had finished our long day of play, I covered the blocks with saran wrap and left it sitting on the table over night. Then yesterday I returned for some more fun!!
Lara and Inge have decided that they want to return for more art adventrues with me, and I couldn't be more delighted. They want to learn book making, explore more surface design techniques for paper and fabric, fabric collage, fabric paper and beading, to name a few!!!
We may have to start setting up some overnight sleep over type work experiences!! I sure am game!!!!
Now here are a few of the prints that I made using the cracked gelatin blocks, on the day after the class.

This is the second print off of the above plate with the addition of threads over the paint- see the trails left by the threads above?

Here is a whole selection of prints- once you start it is very difficult to stop!!!!
You can also get a good idea of the Batik cracking effect that you can capture in your prints, from a cracked gelatin block!!

For these last two sets of prints I used a brayer to put paint on an old wooden chop block that I ahd purchased long ago at Ten Thousand Villages. This block was on the clearance table (50% off) as it had been damaged on one corner.
I really love how these traditional prints turned out.

I ahve two more gelatin blocks sitting on my table downstairs! Anyone want to come over and play????????
Now you may be wondering what I am going to do with all of these wonderful prints?????
I feel a Blog Give Away coming on !! Keep you eyes open!!
Now go out and find something creative to play with today!!!!!


Dotti said...

This is a great presentation of gelatin printing. I've had my boxes of Knox around for awhile and am just waiting 'til DH disappears for 4 to 6 hours!! How does using gelatin compare to just using a hard surface? Does the flexibility of the gelatinous surface yield more serindipitous results?

Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations Elizabeth on your first workshop from home. What wonderful results, I love gelatin printing and you're a lady after my own heart keeping the tissues and wipes to use in your art.

Marilyn Rock said...

I actually had a chance to try this, over the summer, at a demonstration workshop. It was fun. Love your results here!

yvonne said...

Wonderful demo. something new to me. Will have to try it. I get together with a few friends on Fridays and we dye fabric, and I'm sure they would love this technique. Thanks.

pam said...

Wow Elizabeth this is a great printing idea. Never seen this before.
I can vision these medieval tile shapes looking wonderful with embroidery amd beads!
Warm wishes from \pam

Ruthie Powers said...

Thank you for showing us so much of this process. I still have not tried it myself although I have heard lots about it. I will be back to visit you.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Looks like way too much fun! Maybe my art quilt bee will try this technique.

Mirinda said...

Deja Vu! I can,from experience, share your printing euphoria!! I had so much fun, as did the 80 children at Fredericksburg Academy last year, and we can't wait to have ou back in the spring. Beautiful lace designs. I have started a blog of my own finally documenting our visiting artists and my work- please join me!

Susan Sager Brown said...

What a great workshop!! I have been wanting to try this ever since I got one of LK Ludwig's books featuring this technique. I especially love the how the 1000 Villages tiles came out! xoSusan

lschurk said...

Is there a synthetic Gelatin plate availableCleaned for re-inking? to purchase? Where ? Need something for classroom of kids .
Can the Knox plates be reused?
How are they cleaned for re-inking?
Do they have to be refrigerated in between use
Do they get watery after awhile?

Thanks -Much Laurel

Barbara said...

Wow! Just found your blog. My gelatin is just setting up and I was doing one last web search before I start playing with this. I will be moving to a new home 200 miles from here. Although I am going to miss friends I will have my own play area so I will be able to make messes. I would like to have classes and be able to make enough money to buy more stuff. Of course first I have to find the artist that is with in. I just love to play. Thank you for all the ideas.


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