Saturday, October 3, 2009

That 'L Do

"That'L Do" was a phrase that I had to say over and over to myself today as I cruised the walkways at the Annual Fiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trails at Montpelier in Orange VA!!!
This was what the slightly eccentric shepherd used to say to his herding pig Babe. We certainly could have been on a movie set today with the blue skys and clear crisp weather of autumn and the sheep and the dogs running to the commands of the shepherds. It was such fun!!
The people that one meets and chats with at such events are the salt of the earth type of people! As far as I am concerned they have their feet planted pretty firmly in the earth and are well tuned to the land and the creatures and working with their hands. Terrific and Happy people!!!

I had to stop myself several times with a muttered That'L Do !! as I wanted to gather up all of the wonderful fibers and patterns and feltings and rovings and needles and critters that I was surrounded by!!

I just adore this guys ear tufts!!!

That'l Do- the checkbook is not a bottomless pit!!!!

That'L Do, this is not the last bit of fleece left on the planet!!

That'L Do!! One can always contact these folks via the internet if you want more of that purple roving.......I am SURE that you understand!!!!!

Now my good friend Lynette was In the FIber Zone with me, as we picked our curls colors at The Wild And Woolly booth fo fiber delights. How could we possibly stop picking and choosing???

As it turns out the wonderful folks at Wild And WOolly actually know my brother Peter from his days as a County Extension Agent in West VA. Making connnections is always such an amazing thing!! For those who don't know , My little bro is working in Africa in Tanzania reclaiming soil and teaching organic gardening techniques. He began his career in Berkeley Springs W.VA and knew these folks and their critters from his early soil days!! Too Cool!!
Sorry to digress!

Look at this amazing roll of combed top Merino wool that has just come in from the processor! Now that is ALOT of wool!!! Quite the sculpture to, don't you think?

And look at these glorious creatures who were strolling down the pathways! What a kid magnet they were!! Several of us adults had to wriggle in close to stroke their muzzles!!!

I did manage to pick up a few select goodies to use in some felting projects and as a few gifts for some fiber addicts who refuse to give up their addictions!!

It was a wonderful day!!


Lisa said...

wow...that looks like too much fun and sensory overload! I buy the bittersweet when it is fresh and arrange it how i want it cause once it opens you sure can't move it! This last batch i bought from a farm in NE so it was freshly cut and easy to work with..

Julie said...

WOW What a cool post, place and stuff! I would love to go to an event like this...FUN!

Debrina said...

This looked like a blast, Elizabeth! Kinda scary though. Scary in that I probably WOULD have fooled myself that my chequebook was a bottomless pit! Ha ha. Those fibres are to dye for!

Marilyn Rock said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pictures; I keep going back for another look. Thanks for sharing!

yvonne said...

I would have loved to roam around among those booths and those beautiful colors and those gorgeous animals. What a wonderful day it must have been.

Judy said...

ahhhhh: so it wasn't Vermont after all! LOL That must have been so much fun, but also such a tease! Wish I'd been there, but sort of glad I wasn't!


martha brown said...

All of those fun fun fun fibers in one place -- I would have been overwhelmed!

Trina said...

I totally hear ya! I was at the sewing expo in Chantilly on Friday ... thank goodness I only had 2 hours or I would have needed a truck to haul home the treasures ... so many beautiful fabrics and buttons and ribbons and felt and patterns.

I adore your Jello mold pincushions! Were the molds from the store? They sure look like something I had awhile ago. Pretty, pretty, pretty!


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