Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Golden Colors

I love the color of fall in the garden. The light has a completely different personality- so soft and honied and warm with no harsh sharp edges. Yesterday I picked a bouquet of fall ,to bring that color sense indoors.
My Pineapple Sage plant has finally agreed to bloom. I think that coddled it too much with good soil high in nutrients so it was quite happy not to bloom. Notwthat she is showing off her wonderful red fountains, there are no hummingbirds to partake of the wonderful nectar. Next year I must place it in a spot with more harsh conditions- less food and more sun!! No more Mrs. Nice Gardener!!!
I do love how the blossom looks when I laid the bouquet on the ground to gather up some weeds. The contrast with the golden maple leaves was stunning ,don't you think?
Why do we fret so about color when we see all sorts of color harmonies in the garden??!!!

The Zinnia's are in their full glory now, trying to get their last blooms in before a killing frost. Hopefully we will not have a hard freeze for several weeks!!

My garden continues to be one of my greatest joys and best inspiration sources. I hope that you are able to spend some time outside enjoying the wonderful gifts of nature where ever you are living!


Carol said...

I had to go back to see where you live. Lucky you with the wonderful colors and your perspective on fall.

I tend to think this year fall is a dirty word. Our weather has caused our colors to be not as vibrant as yours and my garden is dying back and ready to be cut away. I have a few purple flowers still flowering to my surprise, but not enough to lighten my mood. Perhaps we just haven't had enough sunny fall days.

I am ready to clear it all away so it will be gone before our first accumulative snow arrives as forecasted for the weekend.

I will patiently wait for spring ~ lol!

Judith said...

What a glorious celebration of colour in your garden. I agree with you that gardens are a haven of peace and tranquility. Who couldn't be cheered by the glory of flowers. Autumn light is so soft and gentle. I love the different seasons.

yvonne said...

October is the best month for us here in south Texas. I love fall. Your photos are gorgeous. Always enjoy visiting your blog.

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful photos Elizabeth! I, too, love Fall - my favorite colors!!! Your garden is so inspirational to us all!

Michelle said...

beautiful photos - love the zinnias. thanks for sharing. our leaves have just started coming into their autumn glory, my favorite weeks are ahead!

Anonymous said...

thank you for brightening my day!! I love the pics and wish we could keep this season a little longer....hope to see you soon st LT:)

Sharon said...

I was in my garden this morning and it was 36 degrees. I looked up at Mt. Si and there was snow on the top. I guess I shall have to put the garden to bed. I so enjoy your beautiful flowers. Lucky you to have them so late in the year. Sharon

Jacky said...

What a riot of gorgeous colour in your garden!

Jacky xox

Beth M said...

I too had to go back and find out where you live! Our colors are long gone up here in NH! I love fall colors.

Linda Cooper said...

Oh Elizabeth,
Your blog is just delightful. Thanks for your wonderful complements on Dawn's site about my Flowers for the Cure. But I'm especially glad because they led me here.
Your flowers and hand dyes and art works are just glorious. Aren't you tricky bringing the garden sounds to us too! Great photography!!


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