Sunday, October 25, 2009

Envelope Purse Prototype!

Several weeks ago I ahd an opportunity to have a wonderful art Play Day with two fabulous new art friends. We gathered at new friend Leslie's house. We had a wonderful time! I also got to meet Leslie's adorable King Charles Terriers, Merlot and Bourdeaux- they were so sweet. I Adore King Charles Terriers!!!
Leslie< creates wonderful assemblages and altered book creations and is a very gifted professional graphic artsit as well!!. You really must stop by her blog and leave a comment and introduce yourself!! Unfortunately we have yet to convince Janet to start an art blog so I cannot share her wonderful work!! I demo'd how I create my fabric paper and we proceeded to have a great time ripping ,tearing, glueing and chatting!! Since then I have suffered the Computer Catastrophe of 2009, so , alas, I have NO pictures to share with you of our mirthful messiness. SIGH!!
I created two strips of fabric paper from two scraps of heavy white linen that I rescued from a trash can! Using one of the strips I have created this simple envelope style purse. For the cord/strap, I twisted three different textured ribbon and yarns and stitched down the length with the zigzag on my sewing machine.
For the lining of the purse , I used some of my gelatin printed purple cotton fabric. It is the perfect size for carrying a cell phone, checkbook, license and credit card and perhaps maybe a Chap Stick- but not much else. The strap is long enough so the purse can be worn crossing over the chest and ride right on the hip.

Below is a shot of the back of the purse.
I am planning on creating several of these purses for sale on my Etsy site and to put in the gallery at Liberty Town for Christmas sales.


Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth! Beautiful envelope purse! WOWSA! Love it and it's brilliant, of you, making it with the fabric paper. I've been experimenting with the fabric paper (just got the book Alchemy Stitches) and do you do washes over your fabric paper all the time? I'm finding I actually like some without doing that.

Beautiful purse and I'm sure they will be a smash hit in your Etsy shop. xxoo

Patti G. said...

Your purse is bbbbbbbeautiful Elizabeth!!!!!!
Love the look and I am sure you will have great fun creating more!

Pat Winter said...

Awesome! I love it. Now I must try this soon. Could I borrow a few spare hours??????
Hugs and smiles,

Ruth said...

Lovely bag!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I LOVE this artsy little purse! Very unique and special.

Mary Z said...

Elizabeth, it came out fabulous! Looks like you had a super time!


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