Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's A Love-Hate Thing !!

Hi Everyone!! I am finally Back in Blogland!!! Hurray!!

We have just begun to determine all that we have lost in our Hard Drive MELTDOWN!! The whiring and clicking sound that I was hearing was NOT the power supply but the Hard Drive leaving this world. It has taken with it all of my email data including all of my addresses- bear with me!! I have also lost many many photos as we had not done a full back up since mid July.. We had a busy summer and the back up kept sliding........... Down a very slippery slope!!!

I have learned some things the hard way, that is for sure. One thing that I will be doing is undertakling seperate photo backups regardless of what else is going on!!

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have my blog. Firstly because I have met all of you, but in this case the blog has become a wonderful repository of photos..!! It will take me awhile to retrieve them and start new folders but at least those photos have not been lost!!

I also came to realize just how much time I was giving over to the computer!!! I found so much time in my day without it, but I surely did miss it and all of my wonderful interactions with you !!! So I plan to try to limit my daily time a bit more rigorously- we'll see how that works!!

I did keep quite busy during my computer down time and with Tom overseas for almost two weeks I found myself slipping back into old night owl habits of staying up late watching tv and creating away!!!

Would you like to see what I accomplished??

I am feeling quite grown up and professional- an illusion I know!! But it is surprizing what a difference it makes to have real display pieces!!
You have seen the Sea Foam Treasure Bracelet on the far left and the Faces piece on the far right , in previous posts.

The middle two Bracelets are my new creations!

This piece I have called Forest Floor. The inspiration for this piece was the wonderful Toad Lampwork bead. I just love this little guy!! This bracelet is for sale in my Etsy shop, here. Along with Mr. Toad one can find a butterfly , several bees and a snail all nestled in amoungst the leaves and sticks of the underbrush. Here are some other views.

Next, I was inspired by some purple blossoms from the garden!

The focal bead in this piece is a Czech glass disk with a moon and stars. this piece went together very quickly, mostly because I ahve such a large stash of purple beads to chooose from!!!! I have jsut listed this piece in my Etsy Shop and you can find details here.
It is amazing what one can accomplish when there are not multiple technological devices caliing your name!!!

So now I must proceed to try to recover what I can and move on from there. I must work to limit my computer play time and aim to refocus my efforts to produce artwork that speaks to me and to other's!! We will see how I do!!!
Thank you all for your encouragment and support!!
And may the evil computer gremlins not come visiting at your house!!!!!!!

A last word of advice for those of you who take and treasure your pictures. Set up a schedule for back ups- like once a month or even after a particularly important life event. You won't be sorry!!!!


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your computer woes ... I am in the midst of them also, AGAIN. Losing photos is the worst. :o( I absolutely adore your forest floor cuff ... I think I would have to frame it when not wearing it. it's stunning.

Dotti said...

These bracelets are drop dead gorgeous Miss E!!! Contact me re: easy back ups via my blog. I've been thru a crash or two!


Marilyn Rock said...

And.............you're back! Hurray! Oh; I hear ya about backing up photos and files; I went through it and it wasn't fun. I'm so glad you're back and also managed to work on your beautiful bracelets! It is amazing to realize when we're without the computer, how much more time we have in our day. xxoo

Patti G. said...

STUNNING bracelets Elizabeths.............WOW a bunch of times! :0) And welcome back sister! You are missed when gone!

veleta said...

Elizabeth, your bracelets are so awesome! Terrific color combinations and bead work! Veleta (Sammy)

Judith said...

Dear Elizabeth.SO lovely to hear from you again.Thanks for the kind comments on my Blog.
How horrible, to have all that info' lost from the computer.

WOW!!!That beaded work is gorgeous!!!You did a great job!!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love your beautiful beaded bracelets!


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