Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Friday in Fredericksburg

A few posts back I was whining about taging and labeling my wares to take for sale at the Emporium at Liberty Town in Fredericksburg. Our local Queen of display, Susan, worked her magic on prepping the gallery for First Friday. This time she grouped each contributing artist's work all together rather grouping the pieces by color. This was a big change and it seems that the customers have reacted really well to the change!!! I was shocked to learn that my work had been displayed in the inside corner of the gallery and was really making a statement. I got three very excited e-mails asking whether I had seen the Emporium yet!!

Well I got down to the "Burg" on First Friday. (first Friday of each month is Opening Night at all of the Galleries in town- a wonderful experience).

It seems that several Snow People have found homes as well as some Jewelry Tuffetts and Ornaments! (click on the pics for bigger shots!)

I realize after seeinf all of my work in one spot, just how much work I have produced lately!! And this does not take into account the work that I have done for gifts, swaps and my Etsy Shop!! It is amazing how one can think that they are spinning ones wheels despite all of the work that is being turned out!!!
The gift of perspective is an amazing gift!! Thanks to Susan and all of the folks at the Emporium at Liberty Town!!!

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kay susan said...

Elizabeth, your work does look wonderful all displayed together like that! Well done, congratulations!


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