Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leslie Brier Creates Christmas Magic!

I must introduce you to the wonderfully talented Assemblage and Mixed Media Artist Leslie Brier!! Her wonderful work is gracing the window at University Cafe on William's Street in Old Town Fredericksburg for the month of December.

Leslie is a bargain hunter and THrift store shopping queen! Each of her assemblages is created using all sorts of wonderful bits and pieces, everything from old travel irons, parts of cheese graters and vintage seed spreaders. She has a special love for vintage composite Baby Dolls that she ressurects and honors as the focal points of her wonderfully whimsical constructions. You must click on the pictures to enarge them to see all of the wonderful details.

The cental Assemblage in the above picture was created from a body of a vintage Electrolux vaccum!!

Here "To THe REscue" is created using a roller skate, cheese grater parts, and verious metal bits. Did you see the little dalmation puppy safely tucked in behind the driver???? Marvelous!!! ISn't it?????

Here is a link to Leslie's art blog so you can visit and see more of her work and follow her as she continues her hunt for vintage assemblage treasure! Be sure to leave her a quick "Hello" when you stop in, so she knows that she has had visitors!!!
We are so lucky to have a wonderuflly vibrant and evolving artistic community in Fredericksburg and I know that we will all be seeing alot more of Leslie's wonderful work!!!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, her work really makes me smile! Clever girl! about this afternoon...are you making tags yet? ;-)


Heather said...

Thanks for sharing - how creative and inspiring!


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