Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And Now for Some Art!!!

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And Now For some ART!!!!

After all that has been going on in the world and focusing on family issues (like broken down vehicles, childs first mid term exams and feeding the family every day........) I was in a real need for some ART TIME!! ART TIME of the therapy sort. ART TIME that involved putting on some music and ripping and tearing paper and sorting thru images and tissue paper, and lots and lots of sticky messy glue!!!
I have also been feeling the need to make some art that stays home!! Most of my art lately has been created with tags- tags for selling, tags for gifting, tags for swapping, but NO tags for us/me!!!
I have been clearing out and bagging up items to go to Goodwill and as a result I have been given discount coupons to use when I shop in Goddwill- a very dangerous thing!!!! On one of my drop off and shop trips I came across a nice old smallish (14 inch diameter) Lazy Susan made in wood. It probably came out of someone's old home as it had that long used look about it. It was crying for some color and TLC. So I slathered it with glue and papers and napkin images and then three coats of Triple Thick varnish. Now it graces our kitchen table and holds our napkins and salt and pepper.It also adds a wonderful dash of color and interest ! It felt so good to create something that was a short term project aht has lots of utility and won't be walking out the door!! (Click on the image for a close up view!)

Once done with the Lazy Susan I went on to create 4 full sheets (approx 24 x 36 inches) of Fabric/Paper in two styles.

The first sheet that you see here, I created using my usual technique. Fabric and then text images, sheet music, different language text etc, all coverd with tissue, painted paper towels and napkin bits. (going for a flowery red Valentine theme here- I do have to think about sales, at some point!)

THe next three sheets (see the 2 above) were done using printed images and papers covered by a sheet of white tissue and then a wash of acrylic paint. The tissue over the top gives much more texture than my usual method This is the method developed by Fabulous Artist Beryl Taylor. ( Beryl has a new book coming out and a new DVD available now- I am SOOO excited to get my hands on both).

I have several things in mind to do with these various sheets in combination with some of my photographs and other printed/painted fabrics. I will be cuting and combining and stitching and beading and I will be sure to share as soon as things develop. For right now it was just wonderful Therapy to get my hands messy and create!! I highly reccomend this sort of thing to anyone who feels the pressures of our world closing in.

Go out there and get some paints and paper and fabric and glue and have at it!! Go On, Get Messy!!!!!!!

And then plaster a smile on your face and go out and do something for someone else, maybe even someone that you don't know!

You will feel so much better, I PROMISE!!


barbara burkard said...

hi sweetie!

just sent you out a package yesterday...nothing major...a couple things for more art for you...

Debrina said...

Marvellous stuff, Elizabeth! I just love teh final results! My goodness but you sound like you had fun!!!!

Jacky said...

Hey...your lazy susan looks amazing...I love a splash of colour about the place!
I have Beryl Taylors first book (thanks to my lovely friend Shirl in Western Australia), so many wonderful ideas and techniques.

Loving red too!

Jacky xox

Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth! Glad you turned to some art time. Love your fabric/paper. I just got through making some myself not too long ago. I love the styles of both that you did! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Elizabeth!!!


Beena said...

Thanks for the lift! I really need that today, Elizabeth!

Martha Lever said...

Oh WOW!! Wonderful!! I love that lazy susan---and it's a color fest!!!!

Createology said...

Making art and getting paint, paper and glue all over the place is the best therapy. Keep creating...

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely mix of colours. Your lazy susan looks wonderful and your fabric papers are so luscious.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

This is so gorgeous! I have a lazy Susan awaiting the same kind of improvement...or at least, I hope mine will turn out half as pretty.

congratulations on selling your gorgeous bracelet for Haiti aid.

Jane LaFazio said...

don't ya love the paper/fabric stuff. Beryl is the best! I didn't know about her new book and DVD! where have I been!
beautiful stuff, Elizabeth.


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