Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bid For Tropical Turquoise !!

Beginning today, I will be auctioning off this Encrusted Cuff Bracelket with all proceeds to be sent to Atis Fanm, The Woman Artist's of Matenwa, Haiti.
List price :$250.00
Bidding starts: NOW at $75.00
To place bid: Leave a comment with your bid and contact info
Payment: made thru Paypal
No Shipping Charges
Bidding Ends: Friday Jan 29th 6pm EST
I have been so inspired by other artists who have undertaken such Auctions and I want to thank them for planting the seeds of this idea! I have seen auctions by Nina Bagley, Shari Beubien and even Steven Colbert (auctioning off pieces of his old TV stage set)!!
As you know from previous recent posts, my family became very involved with Haiti when my brother Peter was a Peace Corps Volunteer, there, in the 1980's. As a result of the devastation by the recent Earthquakes, all of the world's eyes are focused on this tiny island and the wonderful people who struggle to call it home. I have descided to Auction this bracelet to raise funds to help this group of Artists. Matenwa is located off the coast of Haiti and is totally dependent on Port Au Prince for all supplies . It will take a very long time for this small village to recover and we will not here of it in the media. I will be conducting Semi -Annual art auctions to continue to support my sister artists, long after the eyes of the world have turned elsewhere.

Bracelet Details: This piece is entirely hand stitched onto ultrasuede on a brass cuff base. The interior is lined iwht ultrasuede as well. The cuff is adjustable to fit most wrists with a gentle squeeze. The piece is encrusted with green apple turquoise from China, blue turquoise, Czech glass beads, crystals and all sorts of imported seed beads. The design is based on the placement of vintage metal zippers. This is a totally unique piece that can never be duplicated.

To Recap:

Bidding starts: NOW at $75.00 US

Bidding Closes :Friday Jan 29th 12 am EST

To place Bid: Leave comment here with Bid and contact

Payment: Paypal to Elizabeth Woodford

No shipping Charges

Please spread the word about this wonderful opportunity to own this unique bracelet and to help this amazing group of Women Artist's to recover from this disaster!!

Thank you all so very much!!! By each of us doing whatever we can, we can accomplish great things!!!!


liz kettle said...

Great idea Elizabeth...Maybe you have comments waiting but if not I will get it rolling with a starting bid...$80

Julie said...

I have already donated to the Save theChildren fund so I don't feel able to join in but I do hope you get some good bids.

Elizabeth, you have won the journal quilt in my blogversary giveaway. Could you please let me have your mailing address and I will send it to you. Many thanks :o)

Judy said...

I could have sworn that I had placed a comment and bid on this lovely bracelet a couple of days ago. WAAAAA: what happened? Anyway, I will bid $95.


Diane said...

Elizabeth, it's beautiful and a lovely, generous deed as well.

I didn't find the books at our Jo-Ann's. Holly has one that I'll take a look at to see if it's "elementary" enough for me! LOL!

Thank you for the tip about the toothpicks and beads. You must make very tiny ones! Wow! I will give it a try. I wondered what to use to make smaller ones - something that wouldn't get stuck to the glue. Must be a very dainty operation!

Would you email me, Elizabeth? For some reason, the last one I sent you bounced back. I must have typed in the incorrect address when I added you to my address book. Thank you!


Martha Lever said...

Thanks for your comment today about the younger faces. I have an empty nest now and have for some time now and actually didn't really start concentrating on art until the kids were gone. I never could have been this prolific with the kids around!
Fills gaps...I like to fill the gaps!

Deborah said...

This is a fabulous piece! It is very generous of you.

Sharyn Sowell said...

How fabulous! And did you know that this turquoise color is the one named by Pantone as color of the year for 2010? You are right on trend. Yay! I'd bid but I have just gotten out of the hospital and the bills are going to make extras impossible for a while.

Congrats on winning Julie's journal quilt. Lucky you!

Best wishes from another blogging artist...

Robin said...

To support Haiti and sport an Elizabeth bracelet?! Sign me up! I bid $111. Thank you for the opportunity!

Cat said...

I LOVE your blog and you have a GREAT BIG HEART!
Smiles, Cat


Good luck with your auction Elizabeth ... a very timely cause!

Oh and congratulations on winning Julie's quilt. You will love it!

Carolyn ♥


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