Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artist's Can Change the World

As I have been traveling in blogland I have come across wonderful artists who are auctioning amazing art pieces to raise money for Disaster Relief in Haiti. One such artist, whose Art Auction is still ongoing, is Shari Beubien. You can find out about her auction HERE.

Shari's husband works for Warner Brothers and they have agreed to match any funds that Shari is able to raise. So , even if you are not able to bid on Shari's wonderful piece, you can make a donation and the funds will be matched by Warner Brothers!! How COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!

There are many artists who have stepped forward in this manner to make a difference on the ground in Haiti. By no means do I know of them all. Several that I have come across include the amazing Nina Bagley and the fabulous Deryn Mentock. I am very sure that there are many more.

Now I wish to tell you of an amazing center for education and artistic excellence that exists in Haiti and has been impacted terribly by the earthquake.

The Women Artists Of Matenwa Haiti

A Fundraiser had been long scheduled for last Saturday Evening in the Town of Wellfleet on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Wellfleet is the home of a woman, Ms. Lisa Brown, who was a high school friend and who has worked tirelessly to establish a school in the island village of Matenwa Haiti. The Woman Artists are the mothers of the school children and the art that they create supports the school that educates their kids.

The following text is from this Fundraising event and were made by Artsit's Sponsor Ellen Lebow. Ellen just happens to be a good friend of my parents who also live on Cape Cod. (How very small the world seems at times!)

I hope that you will take the time to read Ellen's words and to visit the links that I have provided to find out more about this wonderful group that needs our help. This is truely a way out of the circle of poverty that grips this island nation and we have an obligation as artists and as those of us who have so very much, to help to break the ties of poverty and to allow the children of these talented women to help create the country that we know Haiti is capable of becoming.

In part, Ellen told of the devastation that we will not hear about on the news. " As Matenwa is located on an island and all of the infrastructure leading from Hiati has been destroyed the island is completely cut off from aid food and medical attention".

Here is a link to an article that appeared in a Cape Cod newspaper about the school and the artists. Please take the time to read it!!!

When you visit the web sites and read about this wonderful place, PLEASE consider making this group an ongoing recipient of your amazing generosity. Please Join ME!!!!


Jacky said...

Thank you for this wonderful post of the Atis Fanm of Matenwa...very enlightening and what a great cause to educate their children and help their country.
So easy to donate via paypal too.

Thank you,

Jacky xox

Marilyn Rock said...

Wonderful post; thanks for sharing it with us for a compassionate cause. xxoo


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