Friday, January 15, 2010

Stitching of a Different Sort

Several posts back , I shared some experiments that I did with acrylic paint, canvas fabric and old letter stickers form my scrapbooking days. (See post here)
Since then I have been working on individual bits of those painted pieces treating each one as a collage element to be used on a larger piece. I have been doing all of the work by hand. I am always so anxious to get to the Hand work part. It is so relaxing and quiet and infinately creative. I have layered fabric and trims,buttons and hand made beads and combined them all with stitch. You can see some of the finished bits above.
I have also been working on several other projects that I can only let you peek at for now. They are underway for various publication opportunities so I must keep them under wraps for now. Here are a few peeks!

As you can see they all share the wonderful textures created by stitches. They also include many of my own ahnd painted fabrics and papers. For me, these are stitches of a different sort, in all sorts of places!!!


Julie said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog Elizabeth :o) You know your blog is a great inspiration to me too and it is lovely to share this great camaraderie through the internet. I'd love you to win my little quilt. Fingers crossed!

As ever I love the pieces you are showing today. I must get my workspace organised and have a play too :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! I just had a phone lesson from a friend talking me through Photoshop. Oh my! There is so much to learn that the online class did not cover and should have.
I'm still feeling overwhelmed but some of it makes more sense to me. you we artists really need it? I so enjoy hand painting. My neck does not enjoy looking at the computer screen, nor does my back.

Gee, I don't want to become obsolete! LOL!



Wonderful work, lovely vibrant colours, beautiful fabrics and stitches

Good luck in Julie's giveaway too! Her work is lovely, I've seen it first hand!

Have a lovely weekend
Carolyn ♥

Jacky said...

aaahhhh.... I love this kind of work. Cant wait to see more.

Jacky xox

Pat Winter said...

Looks like some fun creating time!

Deborah said...

Bright and beautiful and they look like so much fun!

yvonne said...

Love these bits of pieces you put in your post.

Beena said...

The colors are so dreamy! Love all the layering and different components...very rich.

Ro Bruhn said...

More beautiful colourful work. Using fabrics in art is becoming another passion of mine. Not sure how many passions I can have before I totally run out of time.

Marilyn Rock said...

Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful and colorful pieces - so happy! xxoo

Judy said...

so much eye candy here!
good luck with your submissions!


martha brown said...

Can't wait to see the finished pieces (someday)!! Doesn't it drive you crazy that you do all that work and then you can't show it on your blog for months and months? And I still haven't photoshopped. I'm not taking any more online classes......


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