Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Big S-N-O-W of 2010 (so far)

Well, we certainly knew that it was coming! The kids did not have school yesterday as it was due to start snowing at around 10am. It did start snowing at around 9:30 am but did not start to stick till about 3pm. We already had snow on the ground form the previous week. So this all meant that the schools were in session for a grand total of one half of one day last week!! that may be the total for two weeks at the rate the snow is falling now!!
Tom went out early this am to move the snow off the roof of the Jeep- the weight was too much for it!
We have gotten about 6 more inches since then!!!

I ventured out to shovel the deck so I could fill the bird feeders and decided that it might not be the best day for a rock on the porch! :)

Buddy joined me as far as the front porch and decided that he was not up for tunnel building today!!

One could see the gears turning in Buddy's head, "No I think not, that looks just a bit cold for me!!!"

The view of o the back deck.
When I came back inside I was met by the wonderful fragrance of freshly brewing coffee and I was served this amazing Bagel, egg and bacon sandwich by Chef Matthew!!! Yum!!!! How lucky can a Mom get ???? Delishhhhhhhhh.!!!
Then the kids decided to venture out and to take Pepper with them. She, (the dog), becomes a nervous wreck when she hears the power strips start to beep when the power flickers and it had been flickering quite a bit!!!
Matthew was the first out and he took a tape measure to get a reading on the snow on the table.

He got 21 inches from the table top and Tom got 23 inches from the lawn, so with the wind we probably have got to figure somewhere around 24 inches!!!

As I was taking this picture of Matthew and Pepper, Becca was racing around getting her snow gear on and exclaiming "How often am I going to have the opportunity to go out and play in the snow with my 18 year old brother???!!!" She is starting to miss Matthew even before he leaves for school next year. It is really starting to loom large in her mind especially after he got his first college acceptance letter this week!!

Such brotherly love, don't you think???? Don't worry about Becca, she got in her face plants as well!!

Great fun has been had by all! If we are very lucky, we will not loose power and the snow will stop soon so we can begin the big Dig Out!!!!
Tom just got word via the county emergency response radio that the state had started plowing Rt.1 but the access roads were now blocked by snow banks as tall as a large SUV. The county is in charge of plowing the access roads!!! It might be quite awhile before this region of Virginia recovers !!
With all of this snow and nowhere to go, you know that I am busy working on art projects, so the next post should hold pictures of lots of finished projects!!!!
Hope that you are all comfy wherever you are!!!!


Julie said...

Oh my word, Elizabeth! That's some snow! Keep warm and dry and safe and I hope they dig the access before Spring! ;o)

Jasmine said...

That all looks like so much fun.

Anna said...

Isnt this just crazy?? We lost power for about 3 hours this morning. I sat and spun by our gas fire.....glad to have it back on. Worried about frozen pipes! May venture out to start digging the 24" soon....maybe not!

La Dolce Vita said...

alot of snow!! did you get any books??

Martha Lever said...

Thanks for all of these amazing snow pictures. We have never ever seen snow like that! Goodness. Stay warm and dry and be careful!

jewelrygirl said...

Great pictures Elizabeth! We only got about a foot of snow. I thought that was plenty!

Have a great weekend.


Vicki W said...

I love your cardinal photo! I haven't been able to get any good ones yet. We had a huge burst of snow about an hour ago, then it stopped and now it's going again. Chris says it will end soon. We didn't get nearly as much as you but we got plenty! It's really beautiful.

Michelle said...


I have to say I am glad we were just south of the rain/snow line this time. Holy smokes!

Jacky said...

Thank goodness you have plenty of art supplies. Would be such a nuisance if you needed to *pop out* for supplies!!!!
Looks amazing and lots of fun for the kids.
Enjoy your snow confinement - look forward to seeing your art goodies.

Jacky xox

Robin said...

I forgot to mention in my comment on your previous post how much I LOVE your header picture. It's so free and easy, so inviting and so happy!!!

Your post about the snow is happy too... What fun it must be to have kids and an unusual happening like this! I too live where we don't generally get snow fall like that... sometimes when it happens we get property-bound for 2 or more weeks. Once we lost power for nearly a week. That was a challenge I hope you won't have to face. Meanwhile, keep a little water dripping in your faucets so your pipes don't freeze. Robin A.

Patti G. said...

You have a brilliant and pleasant way to describe the snow sweet Elizabeth! You know that I would NOT be so better you than me! <3
It is beautiful I will say, when it is white and shining!
You stay safe and enjoy it, as the kids are already!

Belinda said...

What beautiful pictures Elizabeth, snow like this on the door step is something I will never see so I can only see the magic but I am sure the novelty would wear off when the children can't even go to school. You are lucky that Matthew and Becca have a close relationship, I hope they continue to share laughter together. Belinda

martha brown said...

No snow here in Toronto! Really -- no snow -- it's flippin freezing though! Keep warm!

Mary said...

it certainly looks like you all enjoyed the crazy snow you got!! I love the picture of the cardinal - beautiful - would love to see that on a quilt!!!!

tiedyejudy said...

Good time to stay indoors and work on stuff, huh! I took up knitting this winter, and have made about 4 scarves so far, in between shovelling, breaking up ice dams, etc. Enjoy!

Beena said...

Brrrrrrrr...that looks so cold! But I am glad you at least keeping warm and making lots of art!

That bagel sandwich looks every bit as yummy as the ones you can get at Dunkin Donuts! You are lucky to have a young chef extrodinaire in residence to make you breakfast, and check the snow levels! I can see why his sister doesn't want him to go!

Great pics. Stay inside and keep warm!

Lisa said...

Hope you are faring well.. we're still snowed porch furniture is buried! hoping we don't lose power for the superbowl today!stay warm!!

Jane LaFazio said...

stunning pic of the cardinal! and so glad you're enjoying the snow (for now anyway!) stay warm!

Mandy said...

Keep safe. Glad you're getting some quality time for your art work.

Dotti said...

Your pics are pretty to look at but I don't envy you one bit...ours in NV finally melted after hanging around for 6 weeks. BTW, my brother lives in Annandale and also got 2 feet!


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