Sunday, February 7, 2010

When the World Gives you Snow, Stitch.......

I have finally finsihed these two collages for my neices, Mali and Kate. They are meant to be Christmas presents, 2009! As the girls live in Africa with their parents and were traveling on Safari over ht holidays, there was not a huge rus to make the date on these pieces!! With all of the snow and our inability to go anywhere right now, they won't even get them for Valentines Day!! I think that they will know how much I love them once they finally do arrive!!! I had a blast creating these pieces and for all but two very small bits of printed fabric, I painted all of the fabrics, or stamped them. Everything that looks like a dot is a french knot- I got very proficient at creating french knots!!!

The collage above is for Kate. She is 13.
Here are some tighter shots:

I could not get this photo to post in any other configuration, so it is on it's head!!! Sorry. this is the top of the collage. And here is the bottom. THe bird stamp is my hand carved design.

This is Mali's collage.

To see close up's , just click on the photos.
As soon as we are dug out I will get these to the Post Office so they can begin their journey to Africa!!
WINTER UPDATE : more snow expected on Tuesday- 6+ inches!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!


Martha Lever said...

LOVE them both!!! Fabulous!!!

Beena said...

Beautiful collages! I am sure they will be much loved!

6 more inches of snow? I agree...enough of old man winter, already!

Judy said...

oh they are so lovely, and certainly reflect the ages of the lucky recipients!
I have thought a lot about you all these past few days, especially when I begin to complain about our cold rain! LOL
stay well and warm!


Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

They are both beautful. The girls are sure to love them. Maybe all those bright colors can ward off more snow!

Jane LaFazio said...

wonderful! the girls are going to adore them!

Mo said...

These are wonder-full!!! And what a bold color palette! Lucky girls. Enjoy the snow~ Mo

Mary said...

I'm sure that Mali and Kate will LOVE the wall hanging - it will look great in their rooms!! I love the colors and all the element details are awesome!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

They will love their bright collages- I do! I also love the cardinals in snow photos- there is nothing prettier.

Heather Robinson said...

You sick of winter yet??? LOL Well, you have obviously decided to infuse some colour into this white world with these marvelous and joyous pieces. Your nieces are sure to love them.


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