Monday, February 8, 2010

Waves of Ice- A Question of Physics!

To be honest I am way ahead on all of you for looking at SNOW pictures but I ahd to share a few more because it is a Question Of Physics. Now I am married to an extremely bright guy who can usually come up with a formula, a solution , a fix for any problem. But this even had him stumped.
This is the before shot, right after the storm.

You can see how the snow piled up vertically on the cross beam holding the bird feeders. The next morning when I was looking out to see how many birds were lined up for breakfast, I found this amazing structure.

It looks as if the snow actually became fluid to a certain extent and was pushed over by the wind and then it got so cold that it froze!! A miracle of nature and a phenomenon of physics!!
As soon as the sun got a bit higher in the sky, the curl melted and the wave collapsed.

Ok so I can't reist showing you just one or two more of my favorite shots form the storm, the last ones I promise!!!
I was able to shoot abunch of frames of Mr Cardinal sitting on the branch during the storm. My camera was switched to the sports action mode so I was able to click away like crazy.
Here he is staring right at me and seems to be trying to ask me to Turn Off the Snow Switch, PLEASE!!!

The kids and dogs had a great time in the snow. We were all out shoveling and uncovering cars on Sunday. Buddy, the little dog, was not keen on being left alone inside, but he knew that he would dissappear in the snow if he did not follow Pepper, who became a pretty effective snow plow!!! Buddy followed along in the doggie parade as if the way were being prepared just for him!! In this shot however Becca is holding him up so he does not drown in the snow!!!
We all were very entertained watching the dogs cavoting and leaping around in the white stuff!!!
One more cardinal shot and then I am off to work on clearing a flat surface in the studio. Yes, again!!!


Sharon said...

STAY WARM DEAR FRIEND!!! Love the photo's. When we were building this house we had a huge snow storm and a huge "wave" formed off the roof over the guest room. It went all the way from the roof to the deck. After that we installed snow guards on the roof. LOL a very necessary thing in these parts. Love the cardinal, we don't get them here. Sharon

Deborah said...

Great photos! What an amazing curve of snow! It looks like all of you had fun!

Beena said...

That fun snow wave is quite the oddity! The wind can have a way of sculpting snow in strange ways.

I hope that now that you are dug out a little bit, that maybe that will be the last of the snow for the year. That poor cardinal has had enough of it, too!

Lorie McCown said...

wowie that is amazing w/the snow curl! the cardinal is a hopeful sign, isn't it? stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Sports action mode, Elizabeth? Hmmm...maybe my camera has that too! I need to check my manual! I wonder if that works with the zoom?! Thanks for mentioning that function! I have the worst time trying to catch the birds in motion. They're just too swift!

Michelle said...

That snow wave is incredible! I can't believe you are bracing for another storm of epic proportions. Incredible. Love the collages for your nieces ... beautiful.

Judy said...

great pics! Did you lose your power? Our cousins in Rockville were without until late Sunday night! BRRRRR
I learned a few years back about using the sports mode for taking bird pics, and it really does do the trick!
stay warm....hope you don't get more tonight!


Marilyn Rock said...

I love your photos! Mother Nature - go figure, huh? The shots of the cardinal are priceless. Love seeing the snow fun with the doggies! xxoo

Heather Robinson said...

Those cardinals just make a stunning contrast to the snow, don't they? They are such gentle sweet souls too. I'm sorry to disappoint you but we are sharing in the snow though definitely not what you are receiving. Sure hope you stay warm and have lots of time for creating. Loved your wintry photos.

Maggie said...

wow. so much snow. we just had our first accumulation here in Toronto - a paltry 3" or so of slush
what a cute photo of the cardinal!
love you fabrics!!


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