Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Finds

I have quite a few prjects that are not quite at the "To Show" stage yet so I thought that I would share the little treasures that Tom and I found on our antiquing outing in Fredericksburg on Heart Day. Fredericksburg has quite a few antique Malls and stores and if you know where to look, one can find some great treasures. Of course I am on the hunt for small treasures so I don't have to spend a fortune to get what I need for my creations. In the photo above you can see the collection of jewelry and carded buttons that I rescued from a "Dollar basket" in one booth. The baskets full of wrapped and bagged items are the things that I look for.When I spot a potential stash basket , my heart rate increases and I start to anticipate the possibilities. It is rare that I don't find treasure!!!
In the pictureabove, in between the two circle pins, are some metal backed glass buttons that are just adorable and very sparkly. I got all ten of them for $2!!! Just above these treasures are some very different rhinestone buttons that are rimmed with a very narrow and delicate metal ring. They are a bit oxidized but oh so cool, again a bargin at $2 for 12!!!!! Everything else was $1 per item!!

This wonderful collection of Mother of Pearl buttons was in a single bag. I adore m-o-p buttons and I know that they are not very rare but I just love the luster and colors of the pearl surface. THey were the button of the common man and woman and many are worn from use . Sometimes I can find carved buttons that are just so wonderful as I can imagine sailors and craftspeople working tirelessly to decorate these simple functional items. Inside the bag one item stood out form the rest. I believe it is a removable collar button or it could be a cuff link, but I don't think that the holding apparatus on the back is quite sturdy enough for a cuff link. Upon close inspection I saw that the shank was stamped with a full date. How cool is THAT?????

So this button was made on November 11, 1902!!! The brass shank works beautifully and opens out in a winged fashion. the head of the button is about 3/4 of an inch big and has a wonderful pearl luster.

I will be adding this wonderful piece to my specail button collection!!!

In another basket I found several bags of lace and trim and a beautifully decorated white hankie. The flowers on the ahnkie are encircled by some beautiful soft fine netting.

I just love the trumpet flower motif on this hankie. This will ahve to be used on some very special pieces. The problem for me, anyway, with finding these wonderful treasures , is using them. Some of them are very hard to part with, but if I don't use at least half of them there would be no reason to go in search of more!!!! That would never do!!!!!

At least I am not in search of rare chippendale dinning room sets!!!!!


Createology said...

Wow what wonderful treasures you found. I too would have a hard time parting with some of them-okay most all of them. :o) Keep creating...

Beena said...

Beautiful finds, Elizabeth!

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful and fun finds! Just looking at them gets my creative juices flowing. xxoo

Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

That old button with the date is awesome! You had a great day. I can't wait for the big flea, I'm dying to go junking. This snow is cutting into my junkin' time!

Plays with Needles said...

Oh honey!!!! You landed some real winners -- love it ALL!!!!!

Deborah said...

I love seeing the treasures you find! You had a really lucky day.l Looking forward to seeing some of the things you do with them.


That mother of pearl button is really beautifully crafted and that delicate handkerchief too.


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