Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Will They Become ???

Will they be architects,

musicians, political scientists ?
As a parent, at this point in my parenting career, I am acutely aware of the questions that my kid's are posing to themselves and mulling over in their minds on a daily basis for the elder and more occassionally for the younger. At this point I can confidently say that they already are all of these people!! They constantly express concerns and opinions on most of these topics on a daily basis. Which will they choose to follow as their life's path? It will probably be some amalgam of several. As we wait for the envelopes to arrive, hoping for thick ones, we contemplate all of the possibilities for our children. Matthew has relaxed a good deal after getting a very quick acceptace to his 3rd choice school, but we anticipate the arrival of the others!
I am very aware of how very lucky my family is to be where we are and able to consider endless possibilities for our kids. I do so pray that all children might have those in their lives to support endless possibilities for them as they grow up into adults. I know that there are so many parents who cannot take a moment to dream but must constantly fight to get through each day and not dare to dream. What will become of their children, and their children's dreams? Ok, I am going down a dark road here and that was not my intent! I do wish that all of us could work towards a place where all kids could fullfill their dreams- what a wonderful world that would be!!

My intent for this post was to share a creation with you!! My kids have returned to school after 11 days of absense due to the snow storms. We are approaching a return to status quo in our household and it is getting better for all of us. Routines are good for all of us!
During the days away from school, my daughter and her girl friend established their own work routine outside. I got into a routine of drying mittens and hats and washing warm socks and drying snow pants and jackets in readiness for the next days constructiuon. The girls have demonstrated a strong interest in achitecture and tenaciously created this wonderful igloo.

As a kid growing up in the North East I can remember dreaming of creating such a structure after large snow falls but never got there. The girls really stuck with this project and did a beautiful job!

Being a parent is an amazing journey of daily discoveries and rewards. These two will go far and they will go wherever they choose, down whatever path is available. I will surely keep you updated on their adventures !!
I will always remind them that when life gives you snow, go out and make an Igloo!!!


martha brown said...

That is SOME igloo! I used to make them when I was young -- my dad would flood it with water while he was flooding our skating rink so it was nice and stong. Yes, we had a skating rink in the backyard every year. Hockey games every night.... I haven't skated in years..... it's cold enough to... but I've been too sick all winter.

Marilyn Rock said...

What do you mean you were going to post creations today? You did! You've created the best "canvases" ever - your kids! They are terrific and you and your husband should be applauded! Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing! xxoo

Plays with Needles said...

Good for them! My son wanted to build a snow cave that could have a fire in the middle and a hole in the roof. He didn't get very far. It helps to have a friend with the same dream -- good for the girls!

As for what will become of our children? My husband and I were just talking about it today. Jack is heading to high school and had a chance for a scholarship and we just found out he didn't get it. I can relate to the feelings you are having though you are four years ahead of me!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Incredible creation! Imagine that Virginia would have enough snow to make such a fab fort!

Debrina said...

Hello Elizabeth! Goodness, I really really enjoyed reading this posting! So much snow, so much potential! And seeing as it is all about your children's potential, I can also share your sentiments. Well, to get a signature going across your photos you need to download picasa. There are lots of other programs that do it, but I like Picassa for managing all my photos too. Just go here:
and download it. Then, you just go into it and edit your pictures from there. Text is one of the options. Hope that helps and glad you like my sill ACEOS, he he.

Trina said...

Such wonderful sentiments, Elizabeth ... and what a fabulous igloo! What fun! Reading further down, looks like you had a great time treasure-hunting! You going to the Big Flea down your way this weekend? I can't make it, but if you go, hope you find lots of goodies!


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