Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Morning Walk in The Garden

Primroses with Guacamole Hosta

One of my favorite times in the garden is an early Spring morning. As I have to get up quite early to get everyone off to work and school, I often wrap up the busy routine with a stroll throught he garden with my last cup of coffee. It is always fun to see who is blooming and how fast all is growning at this wonderful season. Each day there is something new. There are always pansey blossoms to deadhead and a weed or two to pluck. the birds are visiting the feeders and the Bumble Bees are swarming the Holly bushes. the sweet honey fragrance form the tiny white blossoms is thick in the air and the hum of the busy bees is so reassuring. There will be lots of red berries again this year!
One of my very favorite little flowers are Pansies and Viola's. My grandmother always had them all thru her gardens and she would have them popping up all over the yard. I learned to care for most of my gardens at the hand of my Grandmother. I often spend time with her when I am in the garden, especially when I am tending my roses and pansies. I love the hot colors of the Creeping Jenny, the purple Viola's and the hot pink Diantus above.

This is a Pansey from the Sorbet Series.

Bleeding hearts amidst daylilly shoots.

Viola's and Creeping Phlox

My Stawberry plants are loaded with blossoms, if we can only beat the birds to the feast!!!

Now that we are enjoying more appropriate Spring temperatures (no more 90's for a while, PLEASE) my late Tulips are just glorious. These are new this year and the combination of the new Hosta leaves with the yellow and purple Tulips makes for a very happy display!!
The Bearded Iris are sending up buds and the Columbines are ready to dance in the breeze. I will keep taking pictures to share and I hope that you will continue to visit my garden with me!!
Happy Spring!!!!


Carol said...

Wow, your flowers bloom a lot earlier than mine. My Hosta are just peeping out of the ground, though my Bleeding Heart grew overnite and bloomed before I saw blossoms! I love this time of the year, except we seem to get our rain on the weekends which is usually when I can spend the most time outside.

Thanks for posting pics of your lovely flowers.

Pat Winter said...

I enjoyed the morning garden walk with you. I am heading out there in a few minutes. I took a few pics yesterday and will post later. I can't wait to plant pansies!!!! Your primrose is doing very well and I can't wait for it to bloom.
Thanks for sharing.

Claudine said...

I love spring green! I have a bunch of creeping phlox in my front yard.

Judy said...

I too love those early morning walks in my garden......and enjoyed walking with you this morning!
Love all of your colors.
As I write, I'm watching two goldfinches fight a Downey Woodpecker off of one of C's feeders. Such intense color on the finches right now.
I've already spread a load of mulch this was 50 when I went out. Yes, Spring has returned.



Marilyn Rock said...

Sooooooooooooooooo beautiful Elizabeth! Thanks for the "walk" :) xxoo

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the comments on my blog! I, too, loved walking through your colorfully blooming garden. I'm no gardener....just an admirer! Maybe that's why I use artificial flowers? Hmmm.....I'll have to think about that! I also loved your classroom photos....quite an energy there and very, very creative. It is no wonder that your earlier experience caused a buzz around campus. What ever will you do to top this year's projects?

martha brown said...

Your spring is farther ahead than mine! My hostas haven't even poked out of the ground yet. I planted my spinach seeds today -- will plant the first of the lettuce next week. I can't wait for home grown salad!!!

(hahaha my word verification is prunde -- funny because I pruned today too!)

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh your posies are just gorgeous! Such color! Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a great day.

Jacky said...

What a beautiful garden you have Elizabeth...I'd love to be able to pop over and visit! Wonderful colours.

Jacky xox

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love that you go to see "who" is blooming! First thing in the morning, garden, kids gone, cup of coffee--sublime!

Createology said...

Thank you for sharing you beautiful garden flowers and plants. Not only would the deer eat everything you have we are still having rain and snow flurries. Spring? Warm temperatures? Just Winter here!!!


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