Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fredericksburg Academy Art Stars

This year I was very honored to be asked to return for a Teaching Slot as a Visiting Artist at Fredericksburg Academy. In 2009 I had spent a gloriously hectic and creative morning with two classes of fourth graders and two classes of fifth graders. We created book covers for their Artistic Experiences Journals using gelatin monoprinting and bubble wrap. Apparently, this project created quite a buzz about the campus and anticipation was high for my return. I had to top the gelatin and bubble wrap experience!!! For a refresher, you can read about that event here.

The wonderfully talented Art teacher and my Hostess for these classes, Mirinda Reynolds, and I came up with several new collage projects. With the Fouth Graders,we would be creating Affirmation Banners using painted baby wipes (which we renamed Art Wipes) and with the Fifth Graders we would be working on mixed media collage with clip boards as our suface substrate.

I don't seem to be able to locate a photo of my sample banner and I have left my sample with the class as my gift. We designed the simple banners based on Tibetian Prayer Flags with the painted Art Wipes serving as the flags and postive words of the kid's choosing, being added as affirmations .
I do have photos of the fifth grade project.

This was one sample clip board.

This was another sample, with front above and back, below.

We discussed layering and patterns and transparency and tranluesence. I provided all sorts of text pages from many different discarded tests, everything from maps, to dictionaries, to russian math texts.
Then came the glue and the overlaping to create the first layer.
We accomplished a first layer on front and back during my first visit.

The second trip (Friday April 16) involved adding the colored layer in either painted paper towels, colored tissue papers or decorative napkin tops. The kids had a messy and creative blast and so did I! Several times I found myself listening to the creative chatter in the room and I heard many exclamations of 'Look at this" and "Look at what happened when I put this on".
Music to a teacher and mentor's ears, don't you think??!!!

You can get a glimpse of the fabulous Mirinda Reynolds there in the top right corner of the shot, above.
Several students opted to add bits of torn tuille netting as the third layer fo their collage clip boards. Once the glue dries the netting will add a wonderful texture to the finished piece. Here is just one example of the wonderful work done by all of the fifth graders.
Didn't she do a fabulous job???? Look at that beautiful, happy face!!! I plan to return to the classroom later in the month to help finish off the clip boards. We will add sealing coats of Matte Medium and edge the boards with a Gold Krylon pen. I will have more pictures with more of our Fifth garde artists, to share with you then!!
Now back to the Fourth Grade Affirmation Banners. The truth is that the painting and stamping of the Art Wipes was so fast and hectic that I did not have a chance to snap pictures till the kid's had left the room. I did manage to get some shots of the Art Wipes as they were laid out to dry.

On the second visit, we matched the painted wipes back to back and cut the piece into three triangles. Then the task was to glue the shapes on either side of cording to create the banner.

All were happy glueing and creating till it came time to pick it all up to move to the drying area. Disaster averted and all left anticipating dry banners ready for addition of affirmations and possibly streamers for a colorful finish. Upon my return I will be sure to snap some shots of the finsihed banners!!! Don't despair Fourth Graders, you will star in your very own post, here on my blog!!!!


Joella said...

This is wonderful! Love what you've done with the clipboards!

Marilyn Rock said...

WOWSA Elizabeth! Love the clipboard projects - beautiful! What a great workshop for all involved....Love, Marilyn

Anna said...

What a good project! Its always so difficult to come up with something that both boys and girls will like. Plus its useful! Good going Elizabeth.

Martha Lever said...

Oh this was wonderful to see this. I used to teach 4th graders and that is such a precious age. It makes me tired see all this ...but in a good way!!! Good for YOU, Elizabeth!!!!!!

Jane LaFazio said...

waay cool. and will the kids actually use the clip boards, or are they meant to be decorative? As I was looking at your samples, I was thinking one could make do that on a plexi clip board, on the back, so the front would remain smooth? I'll check back to see the banners from 'art wipes!"

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I want to be a fourth or fifth grader! Maybe I will make an artsy clipboard. I'm sure the kids will cherish their creations and remember the fun and inspiration of your visit. It makes me tired just thinking of it! I could barely manage coloring eggs with ten kids over Easter weekend!

Patti G. said...

E, those kids look to be soooooo happy creating! Your clip board project is amazing and they will LOVE it and USE it too! Wheeeeeeee for all involved!

Createology said...

How happy creating art makes people of all ages. These photos show the smiles. They did a really great job. Thank you for being their muse. Happy creating...

ariel freeman said...

Perfect project. What creative little minds (and wonderful teacher).

Deborah said...

This looks like so much fun!

Robin said...

Once again, you shine! These are beautiful. What an accomplishment for those lucky kids!

Plays with Needles said...

What a GREAT idea!!! They ALL look like they're having a blast Elizabeth! You are SO fun!!


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