Sunday, April 4, 2010

Painting With Fibers

You have seen this image before. It is from the previous post about my fabulous Workshop with Fiber Artist Margo Duke. These are the samples that we created in class. The poppy piece was meant to grow into a flower garden scene. This week, after helping a friend with a felting project using my Embellishing machine, I took advantage of the setup and did alot more work on this piece.

Below you can see it after I have added several more poppy buds and little blue silk flowers to the garden.

So far I had only used the Embellishing Machine and done some hand needle felting on this piece. Remember that I had started out with a plain piece of water soluble fabric, also known as Vilene. It really looks like a medium weight interfacing but the magic happens when one adds water!!! So to reiterate, I began with the Vilene and then added all of the fibers to paint my garden scene. It truely looks and feels like one is painting with small bits of fluff and fabric to create a wonderful picture! The next step was to do some Free Motion Embroidery with invisible thread. I had a horrendous time trying to get the bobbin wound correctly- it is very difficult as the thread is really and truely invisible (actually a very fine nylon fishing line type of thread). The thread kept getting caught on the spindle and snapping- So Frustrating!!!! I stopped to take a deep breath- it was either that or hurl the bobbin across the room, never to be found again, when I remembered that Margo had told us to use regular thread in the bobbin and adjust the tension ,if necessary, so the bobbin thread does not show!!! Thank goodness I remembered !!!

So below you will see a picture of the back of the piece so you can see that I did do the free motion stitching.

Then it was magic time!!! I immersed the felted piece in tepid water with a bit of soap and voila, the base Vilene was gone!!!! I then rolled the piece in a layer of bubble wrap and shelf liner and rolled away! After changing the position of the piece several times and rolling till my arms hurt, I rinsed and squeezed the fabric several times, till all of the soap was gone. Below you will see the dried piece after wet felting.

I just LOVE this piece!!! It is so very delicate and thin- there is no denseness what so ever. If it were a larger piece, it would have a wonderful drape and be very different from what one would normally think of as felted material. The secret, as Margo says ,is the Water Soluble fabric!!!!

Here is a detail shot!

I am planning on doing some beading, especailly in the black center of the poppy. I might also add a bit of embroidery. Then I plan to mount it on acid free White matt board and frame it in a shadow box frame. I will be using this technique and my fabulous embellishing machine many times over and taking inspiration from my own garden!!

Speaking of gardens, I thought that I might share some shots of what is blooming in my garden right now. These shots have my mind blossoming with embellishing project opportunitities!!!

My wonderful English Primroses are really putting on a glorious show this year, thanks to all of the precipitation that we have had!!!


I love these little tiny Grecian Windflowers. They are small bulbs and they are supposed to spread like crazy if they are happy. I plan to keep them happy!!

I love my Pink Impression Tulips and they are coming back for a third year as I planted them extra deep!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and that you are enjoying a beautiful Spring day!! To those of you Down Under, I hope that your fall weather is delightful and that you are enjoying a nice tomato harvest, YUM!!!!!!


Holly Loves Art said...

I can never get enough flowers! Such beautiful work and such a fun project! Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you too!

Gerrie said...

Would the wash away sulky work for this?I have some. I want to try this with my new bernina embellisher attachment. A lovely piece.

Happy Easter.

Judy said...

OK: when can I come take a lesson? I LOVE THAT PIECE!!!!! It is a natural for you to be doing work like this, but then you are so good at everything you do!

Happy Day to you too!


liz kettle said...

Beautiful felting Elizabeth! I am going to have to get out my embellisher for a play day.

Jeannie said...

I love the Grecian windflowers. I bought a few a few years ago and they have spread, but not in a land grab sort of way (Unlike their white cousins!). I live in a very arid area with alkaline sand, so some of the windflowers are more lavendar than blue. I'll take them anyway they want to bloom. The primroses are beautiful. Enjoy the sun.

Jacky said...

Fantastic Elizabeth... love your latest felting *play* and cant wait to see more using your beautiful spring flowers as inspiration.

Happy Easter to you too.

Jacky xox

Beena said...

I absolutely love the poppy piece...very soft looking!

Createology said...

Oh my this is beyond lovely. Your work is superb. I can only imagine how amazing it looks and feels in person. Your garden is doing very well. Deer eat all of our flowers so I have only the daffodils they do not eat. Happy creating...

Lisa said...

gorgeous work the poppy piece..exquisite!
your photos are gorgeous and i am really digging your new blog header too! happy spring finally!

Sharon said...

I am impressed! Is there anything you can"t do. Where are you getting the vilene? Is it like water soluble stabalizer? Your flowers are fantastic. I was just at the tulip festival in Mt. Vernon and went camera crazy, but it was very windy.

Pat Winter said...

ELIZABETH!!!! My primrose is popping through the ground. I will get a picture either this evening or tomorrow. I am so excited! Your flowers are way ahead of seeing what's to come :-)

Deborah said...

This is a beautiful piece!

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful fiber paintings! :) Your garden flowers are stunning! xxoo

norma said...

Your poppy piece is stunning! Thanks for walking us through the process.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your fantasy garden from Margo's class is divine! Glad you got such a great result from your class.

Plays with Needles said...

I enjoyed this entire post Elizabeth! Your felted piece is truly a garden of delight and pink and blue flowers add to the party! I wish I had an embellisher to play! Thank you for giving the details of how you did makes me think I might be able to try it. Your primroses ARE really beautiful this year! Lucky girl!

Dot said...

Oh my goodness! I am finally catching up with your blog and I LOVE what you are creating. Beautiful, beautiful work!


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