Friday, May 7, 2010

Sneak Peek at Opening Night!!

First Friday, May 2010, Opening Night ,Patron's Show, Liberty Town Artist's Galleries, is Finally here!!!

I am going to provide you with a few samples of the amazing art works for sale with the price of a Golden Ticket!! (Just like Charlie Buckett of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!) Buy a ticket and leave on May 21 with one of these amazing pieces (and this is only a small sampling!)

THe wonderful quilt above is by fiber artist Lorie McCown.

Her is the set of Jewelry created by Leslie Brier of Brier Design and myself. We are thrilled to have it displayed with Lorie's wonderful piece!!!

This is a detail shot of a fabulous tiled mirror created by potter Anna Branner. I love Anna's style and whimsey! Can you see the little woodland elf peeking out from behind the leaf??
Below you will see a shot of the complete mirror. It is not hung quite yet as it requires some heavy duty hardware to secure it!!!

This amazing piece of textile art was hand knit by the fabulous Anne Norse. Anne used wonderful silk yarn to creat this gossamer fine shawl. Anne is a founding member of the Fredericksburg Spinners, Weavers and Fiber Arts Guild.

The Fiber Arts Guild provides Liberty Town with a bottomless well of incredible talent. This shawl is handwoven from fine silk thread by the fabulous Diane of Woven Gems. Be sure to click on the photo to see the detailed weaving pattern that Diane used to create this lucious piece. it is stunning and I am sure that it will be one of the first pieces picked by ticket holders on May 21'st!!!

I ahve spoken of artist Ariel Freeman several times before. You may know that ihave taken several watercolor classes form Ariel and she is a fabulous artist and a gifted teacher. This glorious white iris is Ariel's contribution to the Patron's Show. This stunning piece is quite large and will light up any space. This is one of my favorite pieces but then you all know how much I adore White Flowers!!

This wonderful landscape piece has been painted by multi talented painter, weaver and clay artist Lynette Reed. This stunning piece reflects the wonderful changing skys and landscapes of Virginia. Lynette has
painted this piece on a black substrate and the result is absolutely stunning!!!

#10 is a wonderfully whimsical collage painting done by artist Elizabeth Seaver. Elizabeth has a wonderfully happy style and her paintings never last for long at Liberty Town!!!

Elizabeth contibuted several pieces to the Patron's Show but you will have to come to the show to see her other wonderful works! I can't give it all waway, now can I?????

This wonderful bird has been painted atop a collage by Artist Rob Landeck. I am just getting to know Rob's work but I do know that he has a wonderful depth of talent and always presents his outlook on life in new and different ways!

This is only a very SMALL sampling of the 50+ pieces of amazing art available beginning tonight at Liberty Town Artist's Studio's. Anyone who wishes, may join in and purchase a MAGIC TICKET and participate in the Raffle that will take palce on May 21'st. With only one ticket sold per item of art , so everyone will leave with apiece of art worth at least $200.00!!!! All proceeds will support the amazing community that is Liberty Town!!
I can't wait!!


Anna said...

31 tickets sold last nite during the freinds preview! Only 23 left!!! We expect the rest to go before the end of First Friday tonight!

Deborah said...

What a varied and talented group of artists! I wish I lived close enough to attend in person.

Marilyn Rock said...

What fun and such wonderful participating artists! Enjoy and thanks for sharing with us. xxoo

Createology said...

Lovely works of art. Enjoy the show. Combined with Mother's Day it should be a sellout.

Lorie McCown said...

it was great huh? i wouldn't know which one to pick! Great job on photos. and i lllovvvved your groovy scarf, my friend. xo

Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

I love that Rob Landeck piece!


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