Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fabulous Inspiration!!

Working with kids and learning from kids and creating with kids is one of my main sources of INSPIRATION!!!
Last Friday, I returned to Fredericksburg Academy to help the 5th grade students finish up their collaged clip boards. The students were also working on a gift for their mom's for Mother's Day. Their stupendous art teacher, Mirinda Reynolds, had combined a coiled clay pot lesson with the study of Ikebana (Japanese Flower arraingment) for a wonderfully creative and culturally expansive art lesson for the children. Mirinda does not let a single lesson get by without tying the creative endeavor into a world history lesson!! She is an AWESOME teacher and a wonderful artist!!
Several of the students had experienced some of the sorrows of kiln firing and had lost their pots in that part of the process. They had time to create new pots and fire them once but the glaze process had to be left behind. Together with the students, we came up with a very creative and colorful solution to the unglazed pots. With several decorative napkin tops, some matte medium and a bit of gold ric-rac , they put together a Mother's Day gift that any Mom would be thrilled to recieve!!! We were all very pleased! The students were also very proud of their inventive solution and realized yet again, that almost anything can be used in the creative process. Here are the modified glazed pots- our colorful collage pots!!!!

Now I will share with you some of the creative expressions in mixed media collage created by the 5th grade classes!!!

They were all so very proud of their work and excited to explore more collage projects.
The same days that I worked with the 5th graders, I also worked on projects with 47 4th graders. I posted about our project previously, here.

The students painted using acrylics on Art Wipes (our term for Baby wipes).

Then we strung our flag shaped painted pieces on a string with barrel swivels tied to it, to allow the flags to spin on the string. The kid's added embellishments and then picked favorite affirmations to place on each flag. As we were creating we talked about the meaning of the word affirmation and the traditions of the Tibetian Prayer flag and what those flags represent.
At the bottom of each banner we tied a small bell. It was a very successful project.
I had a fabulous time and I am very excited to be planning for next years projects. Mirinda has requested that I return in October!! Whooo Hooo!!!


martha brown said...

Don't you just love working with kids? Last fall I bought 20 clipboards -- intending to give them as Christmas gifts. Well, I put some primer on them, but I haven't collaged them yet...... I'm hoping that this will be a summer project that I finish for next Christmas. I'll be looking back at these students work for inspiration!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Hey, I want one of those clipboards! Good for you for inspiring a love of creativity in so many kids.


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