Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graduation Gifts Have Changed a Bit!!!!

After Matthew finished his orientation at George Mason University, we went by the Campus Computer Store to pick out his new Laptop Computer. We had decided awhile ago that this was to be his graduation gift. Needless to say, he is pleased as punch! The computer, a Dell, came bundled with an HP Printer, a three year service warranty and three years of Lojack antitheft protection.
This purchase, almost more than the Graduation ceremony itself, has made me feel pretty archaic!!! I remember when I left to go off to college I was T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D to have a portable Typewriter, and my first one was not even an electric model!!!!! My kids don't even know what a typewriter is!!!!
I'd say that things have changed quite a bit, mostly for the better, wouldn't you???
We wouldn't be blogging if things had not changed!!! Bring it on!!!!


Vicki W said...

How exciting for him! Yes, I remember being very excited to have an electric typewriter to take to college.

GMU is a beautiful campus. My nephew is a senior there in the Music department. I hope Matthew has a great time!

Dotti said...

When I graduated from from Jeb Stewart/Stuart HS in Arlington, VA back in the 60's many of the kids lived in very affluent neighborhoods and got cars. This laptop will take him alot farther!

martha brown said...

Yes, I bought my daughter a laptop for graduation. It was stolen shortly thereafter from her backpack while she was doing her homework in starbucks. So she borrowed Ray's very expensive laptop. Which was stolen from her apartment when she had a few "friends" over (along with the cell phone). She had to use an old crappity crap one after that She graduated from University last week. Guess what I'm buying her?

barbara burkard said...

lol....we saw a typewriter at a rummage and maddy goes...,"nonnie, can't you make something out of this?"


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