Friday, August 6, 2010

The Best Nest is.......................

in the untended bird feeder ,of course!!!!
This feeder hangs on the front porch and is usually filled with seed. The birds love these feeders as they allow for fly thru seed pickup!! I have several more feeders on the back deck , where the family spends all of our time. I must admit when summer rolls around and we dash to get thru the heat from outdoors and into the cool of the house, this feeder in the front does not get filled with seed often enough. Obviously , some one, a house sparrow, got tired of waiting and decided to set up house keeping!!!! The activity has been quite impressive and 3 babies have hatched and fledged from this nest already! I was amazed at how very skittish the Mom was. Although I spent many moments sitting like a stone, on the bench about ten feet from the nest, the Momma would not come in to feed her babes while I was there!! I never got any pictures of the birds zooming in and out to feed but I think that the impressive nest tells it all!!!
If you hesitate, the nests will be built!!!


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