Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh BOy! It's Soy!!! Workshop

What a fabulous weekend I had learning new techniques, making new friends and making big messes, and some pretty cool fabrics as well!!! Textile Artist Lynda Prioleau gave us her all and led us thru the fun and mind warping somersaults of planning that is at the heart of complicated surface design and batik..

As we created our complex cloth, Lynda had use post the pieces on the walss of the Artistic Artifacts studio. It did not take long to cover the walls with color!!! Isn't Lynda Beautiful???

On Saturday we began at the begining, with Lynda showing us the in's and out's of working with Soy wax and the miriad of ways to apply it to fabric.

We mixed up dye as well!!

Then it was our turn to play and play we did!!
Wonder of wonders we actually have evidence of Judy taking some time for herself and away from her demanding job as Proprietess of Artistic Artifacts, to play in the wax, paint and dye! Judy created some amazing fabrics and we know that we will be able to get more evidence of her creative time!!!

Artistic Artifacts has the perfect setup for a full scale workshop. We hung our drying fabrics, in all stages of production, in the loading dock area to catch whatever breezes were available!!! The hotter the day the more vibrant the dyes. Needless to say we got some vibrant color!!!!

We used donut cutters, jar lids, the ends of empty spools,wood stamp blocks from thailand,rubber stamps, paint brushes,potato mashers, whatever we could put our hands on, to create pattern and design!

This was my first piece of Soy Wax complex cloth. First I applied soy wax with a paint brush in a swirls pattern, then dyed the cloth with yellow procion dye. After removing the wax with an iron and newsprint, I applied more wax using various tools to create rings and circles and splatters. then I brushed on blue dye and red dye.

Our class creations!

> I created this piece using soy wax and textile paints. I plan to spend quite a bit more time exploring the possibilities of Soy and Paint.

FOr this blue piece above, I started with a periwinkle blue fabric and added wax and dyes. Staring with a piece of colored fabric completely changes the scenario and adds so many possibilities!!!
Here are my washed and completed batik samples from my two day workshop with Lynda!!!

This piece is my favorite! I spent a very long time creating this piece, and by doing ,so I really got the process of layering color and using eh wax to protect the previous applied dye, worked out in my head!!!

I am already planning on working with Soy Wax!!!! The dyes are ready, the fabric has been treated with soda ash, all I need now is a big Block of time. A clear falt surface would also help, but that is another issue!!! :)


Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, what fun!

Claudine Intner said...

Looks like a great class! The fabrics you created are beautiful.

Marilyn Rock said...

What a terrific class! Love what you created!

Mandy said...

That class looks as if it was such a lot of fun. You have prompted me to go and find out more about soy wax.

Deborah said...

Looks like fun and what great results!

Jacky said...

What a wonderful much fun.
Dot and I recently took a speed dyeing class. Loved it and hope to do more of it. Lovely creating one off fabrics isnt it?

Jacky xox

Peggy Beck said...

These look like so much fun to create. The colors beautiful and I'll bet you are inspired to do lots of things with them all. Very nice.

Judy Gula said...

Elizabeth- I haven't even had time to wash my fabrics yet!! I can't wait- We had soooo much fun! Now to get Lynda to give us a date for round 2!! Judy

tiedyejudy said...

Well, I see you are hooked! I've been using soy wax for about 3 years now, and it's awesome to work with! Have fun!

martha brown said...

These are fantastic! I wish that I could take this workshop!

Patti G. said...

So beautiful Elizabeth and the results are amazing! FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!
You go girl!

liz kettle said...

Beautiful fabrics Elizabeth! Wish I could have come to play too!!

Judy said...

Love, love, LOVE this post! Welcome to my world Dear Child!



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