Friday, December 3, 2010

A VERY Quick Update

I am very quickly checking in to give you all an update on my week!! It has been a mad whirlwind , to say the least.!! Just recently I was asked to join the Board of Trustees of the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts,( from now on to be called the FCCA) here in Old Towne Fredericksburg. I was very flattered and after a bit of cajoling I agreed to have my name put on the slate of new trustees. At the annual meeting in November, I was voted onto the Board. At the following Board Meeting I was asked to take on the job of Corrdinator of the Members Art Gallery. The Members Gallery is on the bottom floor of our historic building. The House is known as the Silver Smith's House. It sits on Sophia Street in Old Town Fredericksburg and was built in 1785.
The busiest month for the Members Gallery is December! Of course it is!!!! What had I gotten myself into??????????????? I was assured that I would have lots of help and agreed to take on the job. This past week ahs been dedicated to getting this show up and running and the opening is Tonight. Upstairs in the Frederick Gallery , in the same building , is the Opening of the SMall Wonders National Show. I am so excited to ahve apiece in this show and it is the first time that one of my pieces has been accepted to a National show.!!

So last Sunday starting at 2pm, any Member of FCCA could drop off up to 4 pieces of art to be entered in the Members Holdiay Show. There was no entry fee and the art poured in. As soon as we had the inventory sheet and the show labels we set about to hanging. Now I ahve hung plenty of pictures in my many abodes but never have I dealt with such a volume in such a small space and in sucha short time. Fortunately There was A SYSTEM in place and I ahd wonderful people appear to help me get all 140 plus pieces hung and placed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The two pictures above give youa n idea of how densely we packed the pieces. it is very reminiscent of a Salon of the 1800's in one of the great European cities of art!! Ceiling to floor and every space in between!!!

What made it all even more exciting was we had no idea what forms the art would take, nor really what kind of size variteies we would have to deal with. THis served to make it all the more fun, and nerve wracking!!!
I don't know what I would have done without the help of so many wonderfully genreous aqnd creative people!!! My wonderful art pal Leslie Brier was with me the entire time and when folks stopped by to meet me and to talk to me about "important" concerns, Leslie just kept right on working!!!I also ahd the expereince and vast knowledge of artist and Membership Chairperson Shirley Whelan to lead me thru the day , as well as the hanging help of Norma Woodward, Leah Fromer Lee Cochran and many others. We got it done and I was back home again by 7:30 that very night!!!!
The Energy of Love
This is a fabulous mixed media piece with detachable necklace by Leslie Brier. I don't expect that it will last the evening without being purchased!!!!
These are three of my submissions. My work is very different from the vast majority of FCCA Members. My friend and phnenomenal Textle Collage artist Lorie McCown are doing our very best to introduce more fiber arts ot the area. ( Both Lorie and Leslie have wonderful pieces upstairs in the Small Wonders Show along with me.)

I also have a selection of my felted and beaded ornaments for sale.
Once all of the art was installed I spent a good deal of time decorating with tiny white lights and freshly cut holly in big white jugs. We have two huge bushes on our property that are loaded with beautiful berries so I got some pruning done while gathering the decorations!

Here you can see Santas Elves roller skate assemblage, First Night Baby and a beautiful Resin Necklace and Earring set all created by my pal Leslie!!! This artistss talents are truely astounding!!!

Here is my peice Cardinal Care as it sits upstairs in the Small Wonders Show. I am beyond thrilled with the placement and setting for showing off my textile collage piece. it is flanked by some glorious oils of chickadees and Barn Swallows by a very talented Local artist ( I will have to insert her name here later!!)
This is Leslie Briers fabulous Assemblage titled Goddess of the Kitchen. She takes center podium in the first room of the Frederick gallery and I fully expect that she will be sold tonight as well!! She is created with all sorts of wonderful vintage kitchen gadgets and has a wonderfully whimsical personality!!
This week was also the time for dropping off holiday wares at Liberty Town. Tonight will be the opening of the December Show there as well.
Here you can see a display of several of my owls and some of the miniature canvas collage ornaments that I created. (I have already ahd to restock my owls twice - perhaps I am not charging enough!!??)

And here is a rather difficult to view picture of a display of more of my holiday items for Liberty Town. I amde several Journals that I collaged with vintage text and then covered with painted paper towels. Hopefully folks will give functional art gifts this year as I had lots of fun creating these pieces!!!
So I ahve been very busy away form the computer and have missed visiting blogs and keeping up with everyones fabulous work!! I must rush off and change and get down to the burg to set the table for our First Friday Opening. FCCA Members gallery and The Frederick Gallery is defintely going to be the PLACE TO BE tonight!!!!
I will be back after a Fiber Arts Guild Brunch tomorrow and a bit of a sleep!!!!!
Have a wonderfully festive and happy holiday weekend everyone!!!


Lorie McCown said...

You've managed to start your tenure with a bang! I can't wait to see both floors up close, and yes, we will bring fiber to the forefront of ol' F'burg! Peace, my friend. xo Lorie

dosfishes said...

What a great little stone space. I love your felt ornaments and some of the others that you shared.
I am sure you are right, things will get snapped up quickly in that sale. Congrats on your board post! xox Corrine

Jacky said...

A whirlwind December for sure...what a wonderful exhibibion. Some lovely work. Especially love those pieces by Leslie Brier.

Enjoy your busy December!

Jacky xox

Lisa said...

BIG congratulations! a non-profit is only as good as it's volunteers. (I used to be a development director and in charge of AIDSWALK every year)
What a great space for the show...and your pieces look fabulous..the colors and textures really display so beautifully! You did a fantastic job Elizabeth! Lots of great eye candy..wish i lived a little closer....

Claudine Intner said...

Congrats on the new title! The gallery looks great! :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth! Congrats on this really super opportunity for you! It sounds like a perfect fit! Thanks for sharing so much of this, with us, wish I could be there to see in person! Best to you always - Marilyn xxoo

Happy Holidays!

Anna said...

SO, SO sorry I missed you Friday. I went to FCCA and saw the fantastic :) show around 330. You did an amazing job hanging the show. I am impressed. But NOT surprised! We missed you at the Guild meeting. Judy's place is absolutely gorgeous! I hope all is well, despite the missed party??

Sharon said...

WOW and oh once again I wish I lived closer. Don't think DH would understand a quick flight across the country to do a little shopping and art gallery touring. At least not right now...LOL Love your owls as they are so colorful.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Congratulations on your appointment to the board, and the fabulous gallery you have put together. It looks very inviting. You are amazing!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OMG What space! What an undertaking !What A huge Job!! They are lucky to have you on board !! How did it all go? And congrats to pulling it off and to having your work in the show and to being asked to be apart of this all. This is such a big deal !!!! Way to go !!

Trina said...

Congratulation Elizabeth ... how exciting!

martha brown said...

I'm a bit behind on my blog reading -- but I DO think that you can charge more for your owls! You put a lot of work into them. I Love mine :)


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