Thursday, December 9, 2010

Splashing About in the Resin Pond!!

Several yewars ago I took a wonderful class with the Fabulous Susan Lenart -Kazmer. I ahve long been a fan of her amazing work and since taking the cold Connections Class I ahve seen her at various events and always have a wonderful and inspiring chat with her. She has an infectious personality and spreads inspiration and creativity wherever she goes. Susan ahs worked very ahrd to develope her new resin product known as ICE. I am probably one of the last people int he mixed media art world to try this product and I don't quite know why I waited so long!!!! I have heard raves about ti for a very long time and seen fabulous works created with it, but somehow I have felt timid about giving it a go. Well now I have jumped into the Resin pond and the perverbial water is just fine!!

In the heart pendant and earrings above I used bits of my fabric paper and combined wire, a tiny key and some old sheet music to create the resin filled and coated pieces.
The earrings are as light as feathers and are so suited to the season.

In this bronze bezel , I placed a small oval of sheet music as a background and added a tiny piece fo green beach glass, a tiny shard of purple clam shell and a tiny perfect lucky stone, alll gathered on the beach this summer. Finally I have a wonderful use for these itty bitty treasures!!! I also added a bit of Nauset Beach sand and a few blue glass seed beads.
(the pictures of these resin pieces do not do them justice, but don't be shy or wary like I was. Create your own pieces with the ICE Resin.!!!)

Here are some fabric paper/ mini canvas collage ornaments that just needed a bit of sparkle, so I brushed ona thick coat of the Ice Resin. The resin makes the fabric/paper glow and the depth added is just wonderful!! There will be much more experimenting to come!!

I want to thank everyone who has sent me comments and congratulations about my election to the Board fo Trustees of FCCA. Our First Friday Opening to the Holiday show that I spoke of in my last post, came off very well!! I had a great group to help and everyone was very complementary of the show and the art. I also got many compliments about the piece that I had in the National Show. It was a wonderful evening of meeting many wonderful people who appreciate art and artists! So thank you all very very much for your encouragment and support!! It really means so very much to me!!!


dosfishes said...

Those mini collage canvases are SWEET! Wow, what a great job with the ice resin. I haven't gotten into that yet, but you have inspired me to think about it. xox Corrine

Peggy Beck said...

Wow, this is so beautiful. I love everything about what you did and I have never heard of "Ice" resin. I've heard of resin and been afraid of it, but this I would try. Where can I get some? Thank you for showing and inspiring me.

Debrina said...

I am the hugest fan of resin, Elizabeth, and you have done such a superb job on these little collage pieces! I hope the festive season is just wonderful for you and yours.

Jillayne said...

That resin looks like a lot of fun! I haven't used it either but you make it sound so easy! I really like what you did with the big stars - just beautiful!

Anna said...

Once again you amaze me with your endless energy and creativity! You Rock!

Holly Loves Art said...

Great post! Your mini canvas ornies are just so darling! Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

Michelle said...

Hi Elizabeth! Your resin pieces are beautiful and congrats on FCCA - a well deserved honor! I am off to find your facebook page. I'm out there, too (under "artagain") - I hope you'll look for me. I've been absent from blogland for a while but stepping back into things. xo.

Claudine Intner said...

I still haven't tried resin but it is definitely on my list. Your pieces look amazing!


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