Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hustle and Bustle!!!

Yet again I find myself short on time and long on lists of things to do!!! It has been almost two weeks since my last post and I can't remember when I have neglected my blog and my wonderful Blogging friends for so long!!!! SiGH!!!I just have a short glimmer of time to offer you some of the sights of the season here in our little corner of Virginia. I have bread turning in the bread machine, journals to finish and gifts to wrap!!
I found this lovely ruffled Poinsettia in the market last week and had to ahve it as a centerpiece for our holiday table. I love all things ruffley!!

This year I found an imitation Feather tree to use as my Art Tree but I had not rmembered that I had so many wonderful ornaments from past Art Swaps. The little tree is there somewhere!!!

(BTW- I am looking for 9 serious art swappers who would be interested in a 12 Days of Christmas Ornament Swap for 2011- I am organizing it in January so it does not sneek yup on me again next November!! I already have 3 participants, so give me aholler or leave a comment and I will get back to you in January!!Becca decorated the tree this year and did a marvelous job and had a wonderful time doing it all. It is such fun to ahve a daughter who treasures each specail ornament as much as I do!!! the men around here are not into such things- auniversal guy thing , I believe!!MG_7183.JPG">I found this adorable little Yeti ornament at Ten Thousand Villlages this year. He is hand crafted in Nepal and made of wool and wool felt. Every tree needs a Yeti watching over it, don't you think??? The gal at the store said that the shop could not keep these in stock and there were no supplies left int he warehouse to restock!! I am not the only person who has a Yeti on their tree it seems!!!

The mantle ahs been decorated and the wreath that I made several years ago, has been hung..
(I love the little rechargable LED votive lites- they flicker just like real cnadles and last for up to 4 days without a charge- very neat when you don't want o ahve to fret about lit candles burning down the house!!)
Here is a better picture clarity wise- although I really dislike how the flash flattens everything out- but I thought that you might like to really see what was on the mantle!!
This will probably be the year of the Owl for Becca's christmas as she is so in love with these wonderful creatures. we will forget that they are hunters and terrorizers of songbirds and little woodland creatures for teh duration of the season!!! Here is a wonderfully fluffy little fellow atht I found for one of her special ornaments for the year. As Becca's Birthday falls on December 17, (she turned 14 this year!!!!!! EGAD!!!!!) I always include a special ornament or two amoung her other gifts. It is a little tradition that she really looks forward to.
I will resume normal blogging habits immediately following the holiday so I hope taht you will all check back in a few days!!
For now I want to wish everyone all of the Joys of the Season no matter what you may be celebrating!! Remember to count your many blessings, remember those who are so much less fortunate, find Peace and strength in the love of those around you and squeeze in a bit of creative time along the way!!!!
Now I have bread to roll out and shape for it's third rising!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!


Anna said...

Merry Christmas Elizabeth! I love seeing all your own work about your house. The mantel and wreath are terrific! Enjoy the family and I will see you in Jan?

dosfishes said...

I would love to participate in a 12-days swap for 2011.
Count me in. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep composting! xox corrine

Julie said...

Your home looks wonderfully festive Elizabeth. I hope you have a truly Joyous Christmas and a Happy and Creative New Year.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful array of decorations Elizabeth, your mantle looks wonderful. Have a lovely Holiday season, I look forward to visiting your blog more often now I'm free of the burden of a full time job.

Peggy Beck said...

Love your post. All the decorations are beautiful and I love the Neti too. I will have to look for one. Looks like you are definately going to enjoy the holidays! Have an artful new year and I'll definately come back to see what you are up to.


Hello Elizabeth, The 12-days of Christmas swap sounds exciting. I would like to participate.Is it to be an ornament swap? got a lot of questions.Shall wait to hear from you.
Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2011.
(Love the yeti in your X'mas tree.)

Sharon said...

I enjoyed seeing all that you have been up too and your homes holiday decor. Have a wonderful Christmas Elizabeth! Sharon

Jacky said...

Hi Elizabeth, wishing you and your family a most special Christmas and Holiday season...all looks very festive in your home and I love all of those little bottle snowmen on your mantle!

Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to catching up with your blog again next year.

Jacky xoxo

Love the little owl you gave Becca...all fuzzy and beautiful.

martha brown said...

Your art tree is fabulous! and I love your mantle :) I have my art tree on a pine cupboard and right beside it is my collection of pink trees. The ones that you made for me are my favourites! (and I'm already on the 12 days list, right??)
~merry merry!


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