Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally Meeting Susan!!!!

Monday arrived sunny and cold but the PLAN was on!! Monday was the day that I was going to finally meet Susan!!!! Susan lives in Maryland and I live just north of Fredericksburg in Virginia, so we met in the middle, at Woodlawn Plantation and the National Embroidery Show. I was so very excited. I have known Susan Elliott via her wonderful blog, Plays With Needles , for several years now.

But Monday was the day that we were going to meet each other in person, in the flesh , for real!!!

I first learned of Susan's amazing needlework, bead work and embroidery thru the Bead Journal Project, and artist Robin Atkins. You can see Susan's Bead Journal pieces here.
This was the first Plays With Needles blog post that I read. This was the post that told me that I would become great friends with Susan. Read this post and look at Susan's glorious photos, her wonderful beadwork and you will understand!! I got to see this exact piece in person, in the Bead, so to speak, at the Needlework Show at Woodlawn.
The personal stories that Susan tells are represented in the exquisite pieces that she creates. Her writing is amazing and her medium is beads ,stitch and textiles. Susan and I connected on many levels thru our blogs and knew that we would have the love of stitch and beadwork in common. But there are so many other things that we discovered that we have in common!
So, we met at Woodlawn Plantation to view the Needle Work Show. Susan had submitted seven of her Journal pieces and I was beyond thrilled to see them in person! Susan leads her readers thru the construction of many of the unique eleemnts of her Journal pieces on her blog- yet another delight!!! We viewed the show, and settled in for a wonderful lunch at the delightful tea room and then headed out to my favorite bead store in Alexandria.

I was delighted to be able to introduce Susan to this amazing jewel box of a bead store, owned and opperated by my dear friend Rosalie Lamana , or as we know her Ro! this truley is a hidden jewel of a bead store and MUST be added to your "To Visit" list if you are ever in the DC area and you love beads. Beads Limited!!!

Every surface of this shop is covered, draped and ladden with beads, many of them vintage and rare!

The back of the entrance is coverd with hanks of beads.

The windows are draped with hanks of beads.

Very quickly one decides that in order to see everything, one must crawl around on the floor and open every drawer that is filled with 20-30 compartments each holding treasure. There is NO other way!!!

And of course all of the walls are laden with rows of beads from the tip top to the very floor!!

Now let me introduceyou to our lovely hostess, the beautiful Ro. A wonderful treasure all on her own!!

Susan and I spent several hours in Ro's delightful company and left her clutching our wonderful satchels of beady luciousness. She won't have to worry about expenses for a couple of months! (Not quite, but close) If you go , remember to bring your checkbook or cash, Ro does not take credit cards!

We left each other to join the hordes leaving Washington on the long trip home, with plans to meet up again at the Maryland Sheep Show in May. I am going to work very hard to save my pennies! Perhaps we will carry each other purses so we can afford to drive home!!!!

I had the most delightful, inspiring and wonderful day and know that I will continue to be inspired by Susan's amazing prose, needle work and wonderful friendship for many many years to come. I am so very grateful to have found her!

Beads LTD
1801 Belle View Blvd, Suite A-1
Alexandria, VA 22307
hours: Sunday 1:30-6:30pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11-6pm.


Plays with Needles said...

It sounds sappy, but you just made me cry. Thank you for being so nice. I couldn't figure out what post was the first you had read so I clicked the link and I re-read that post. I hadn't read it in a loooong time. And it made me cry. Thanks for being such a great friend and recognizing how important that post was to me.

And yes. Let's trade purses...and keep each other honest. I'll do anything you want if you be my date for Sheep and Wool.

Maybe I should take up a collection..."Please support the Elizabeth and Susan Therapy group" -- I imagine it's cheaper than a counselor...

Sweet dreams and love, Susan

Sharon said...

What a treat meeting Susan Elliot and that bead shop. Be still my heart on both counts. I have admired Susan's work for a long time. Funny thing though I thought she was from Australia. Good grief how did I come up with that. Hope you got my email about April in Edmonds!

dosfishes said...

Looks like you two pals will be so for life. Her journals are amazing and that bead shop incredible. What a great way to spend the day, in the company of a dear friend made more special by this day. xox Corrine

Peggy Beck said...

Loved your post and also went to meet Susan (on your blog) and loved her blog. Thank you for an inspiring post.

JW said...

Life is sweet when good friends share the things they are passionate about. Sounds like you ladies had a marvelous memory maker day together. Love both of your blogs and signed up to follow Plays With Needles. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Also congrats on the new cuffs class Elizabeth. Stunning results prove the teacher is conveying well and the artists are tapping into her knowledge. Yay for all!


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