Saturday, March 12, 2011

Latest Cuff Class Creations !!!!

Teaching this class has become one of my favorite sources of inspiration and excitement!! I am always delighted to see a students creation take on it's own life and absorb the spirit and mood of each artist. The piece always becomes a mirror of it's makers artistic soul!!
I think that Many of you that know my wonderful friend and amazingly talented artist Leslie Brier, would have little trouble identifying this work in progress as Leslie's work!! You are so right!!

Here you see Leslie's incredible collage of found bits and beads all sewn down on to the ulta suede fabric , ready for attachment to the cuff form.

Yes, you Can see various gears, metal battleships from a vintage Monopoly set, an amazing tiny sparkplug charm that was an advertizing give away, way back when, old buttons, all surrounding a wonderful info label from a small motor!! Fantastic!!! Leslie shared that she has been known to buy small motors just to pry the labeling tags from the carcass!!! Brilliant and so LESLIE!!!

This next piece glows with wonderful soft colors and exudes the lovely, calm and beautiful spirit of it's maker , the lovely Liana! I would never have put this combination of colors together, but this cuff is so shimmeringly gorgeous, I sure do wish that I had!!!

You See, I learn so very much from my students!!

The lovely coral colored bits on this cuff were loving pryed from a vintage buckle that had lost several of it's parts. We are not sure if the lilies are real coral or fabulous Bakelite plastic. No matter, they are divine and became the centerpiece for Liana's fabulous work.

The liliies set the bar for a stunning 3 dimensional garden themed display of color and light play and resulted in a stunning cuff of Artistic beauty!!!
Remember, that the vast majority of my students have never done any work like this before and several have never worked with beads before.!! Yet each and every student that has enrolled in this class has departed with an incredibly unique piece of bead embroidered jewelry!!! It really is stunning and it is NOT all due to my teaching- this comes form inside each person who opens themselves up to the artistic possiblities. I pass on tips and a few simple techniques and several well learned pit falls to avoid, but everything else comes from the hand that passes the needle and thread thru the bead and the cloth!!

This is the cuff that I used as my teaching sample and that I finished off as we dove into the challenges of attaching the beaded cuffs to the cuff blanks. It serves as a reminder to always Laugh and to NEVER take ones self too seriously!!! (This cuff is now for sale at Sophia Street Studios in downtown Fredericksburg!!!)
Release your creative spirit and allow yourself to find the artistic well that flows in all of us-where ever you are-
Take A Class !!


Anna said...

All of these cuffs are beautiful Elizabeth. How many students did you have???

dosfishes said...

These are spectacular celebrations for the wrist. Wow. xox Corrine

Plays with Needles said...

What FUN!!! Love the first one...very very cool.

Marilyn Rock said...

Fantastic Elizabeth! Thanks so much for sharing these with us! xxoo

Peggy Beck said...

I love these cuff bracelets. They are so interesting and each one different as you said. Beautiful colors and beads. Things I love.
Thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

well, you know I'd love to take a class from you....but we are too far apart!
lovely cuffs!
how does your garden grow these days? Our daughter has moved and I was thrilled to see cowslips coming up in her Spring garden. Mine/Yours have yet to emerge, but I'm sure they'll show up soon!


Debrina said...

Elizabeth, these are absolutely fantastic creations! Wow, who'd have thought the humble zip could be so dynamic and fun? Love it!
Oh and just in case you thought I'd vanished from the face of the earth, I've actually changed my blogger address. You'll need to update your side-panel and or rss feed to:
Awesome, lady!!

Nicki Lee said...

Love each and every one of them. Would love it if you'd come out with a book as I'm a bit too far away to take a class. Your work is always fabulous!

Lynn said...

Cuff bracelets have always been my most favorite thing to create and seeing yours and your students' work was such a treat!

Thanks to Susan for sending me your way through her blog!!

Now I'm off to read through your older posts......I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again lol

jewelrygirl said...

The bracelets are amazing Elizabeth, as usual!

I just love them. I am jealous I can't do that!



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