Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From the Inside Out

Quite a few of you have expressed an interest in seeing the Inside of my Make Do Journal that was recently published in Cloth Paper Scissors. I used buttons as decorative embellishment throughout the book and had held out a bit of hope that a spread might have been included but they left that to me, and that is fine. Now I can describe what I did and answer any questions that you might have. I would be happy to fill you in if there is something specific that you are interested in, so don't be shy!!

Here is the front cover. I tried to use lots of bits of fabrics that I ahd designed myself. On the cover you can see several pieces that I monoprinted from a gelatin plate.

This is the back cover. I added this sweet little partially finished needlepoint canvas that I ahd found in a thrift store. You all know how much I love anything floral!!

Inside front cover lined with a piece of a vintage linen tea towel that I hand stitched in with a button hole stitch.
The following pages are a small sampling of the kinds of bits that I included in the book. The book has three signatures presently with room to insert one more.
All of the pictures can be enlarged, with a right click , if you wish to see details.

I often include papers that had been work surface covers. They often have wonderful random color and pattern that I simply can't resist!!

This page was the surface protector for a bunch of papers that I decorated with gesso resist and acrylic paint washes.

These collaged pages are done with torn book pages, painted paper towel and napkin tops.

Several of the pages were connected to form a full spread with painted dryer sheets and some times lace.

Gesso resist and acrylic wash.

Large fabric pocket from the same fabric that I used on the inside front cover.

Inside back cover.
I thoroghly enjoyed making this book and I still ahve piles and piles of stuff to make several more. Now I just have to train myself to journal in them!!!!


Lotus said...

What an awesome journal! I love that you left space to add another signature too! I have the same problem when I make my journals, I don't really want to journal in them! lol!
Beautiful work!

Deborah said...

This is spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and details!

Dotti said...

What a delightful book...sorta like a remains of the day...except with personally made papers!

Anna said...

Hi Elizabeth! You sure have been busy. This journal is beautiful.

Suztats said...

What a wonderful collection of fab pages! I can understand the reluctance to cover them up with writing, or drawing!

Sharon said...

Elizabeth thank you so much for sharing your lovely journal. I drove over to the next town to get the mag. but they didn't have it yet. Grrrr. May I ask how did you attach your signatures to the cover? Was it with the kettle stitch or what? I anxiously await your answer. Hugs friend!!! Sharon

Jacky said...

Gorgeous....I do love this type of journal and I love all of the floral bits and bobs you have included.

Jacky xox

Heloise said...

Beautiful journal.

dosfishes said...

Great tour of the book. So vibrant and full of color inside which I just love. Thanks for sharing and congrats again on publication. xox Corrine

Connie said...

The journal is really really pretty. All of it is so nice and colorful. Soft too. I want to do something with dryer sheets one day. I've painted them before but I haven't used them yet. Maybe you could tell us how you use them?

jewelrygirl said...

I love the journal Elizabeth! It is drippy gorgeous! Very pretty.


Plays with Needles said...

You ROCK!!! I love this journal and Congratulations on being in the mag! You deserve it. I think you should submit an article about felting with the kids...the world needs more of you!!!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Wow, what more can I say, just wonderful :)

Judy said...

You know, I was so very PROUD of you when I saw your fabulous book in CPS! I wanted to jump up and email you immediately but we were on our way out the door, so I didn't have time! But, your book is so much more fabulous inside!! I loved seeing the pages - and you share so much of your technique! Just wonderful Elizabeth!!!


Ro Bruhn said...

Gorgeous work Elizabeth, I recognize those yummy napkins. I still have some left, they are slowly being added to special projects.

Gina said...

You know, you've given me an idea. I have all these bits of fabric and lace and paper and such, pieces I'm not willing to part with yet, but they serve no good purpose on their own. A book along this line could be the answer! Now...to find TIME.

Trina said...

Congratulations! I love, love, love, love, etc what you did with this journal ... it's my favorite kind of journal ... using all kinds of papers and paints and fabrics and buttons ... so luscious!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Thanks for sharing the inside of this yummy journal. So many pretty things to fondle!


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