Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Semi- Presentable Studio!!!

I have decided to share some images of my art mess as I call my studio. This is as good as it has been for several months! I work on too many projects concurrently, for my s mess to ever achieve Capital S studio status, like those that appear in the magazines. It is MY space and I love it, and it inspires me !
The reason for the big sort and clean was my First Formal in Studio Class. A good friend who I has been a student of mine int he past was bringing her girls over for some collage jewelry fun. Long story short, the teenagers stayed at home and Ann and I had a lovely afternoon of creating!
I was able to open this chapter of my teaching experience with swept floors, a clean covered table top and plenty of leg room to accommodate 4 people at the first work table!
the second worktable is till under a small hill of supplies and fabric and stuff and the sewing area floor is still covered with fabrics and projects to be sorted , however there are now negotiable paths form here to there and a welcoming place to create !! This is a huge step for my space and my usual method of creating in the midst of clutter.

Beads and Bead storage area including found objects and stones.

The fabric storage and dye area still needs some work and larger sorting bins, but there is a clear path!!!

this one bench behind the table needs some attention and my stamp wall needs some serious weeding out. I just don't seem to use my stamps anymore and they take up a very large amount of space. I need to figure what to do with them- a need to pass many of them on to others who will use them, as I now use mostly those that I have carved myself! Perhaps They will find their way to my Etsy site??

Sea Treasures beaded collage 1 inch wide cuff.

Sea Foam Free form beaded bracelet.

Besides having a lovely afternoon working on a collage creation with my friend, she informed me that it was her intention to purchase two of my Beaded Ocean Themed pieces that were featured in my Etsy Shop. She left with both of the pieces that you see above!! banner day for my bead work and now I have a clean space to work in as I design and create more of my free form beaded collage jewelry. Perhaps it was a reward for finally getting the majority of my work space under control?? What ever, i am thrilled that the pieces are now owned by someone who treasures them and that they will find some wonderful new homes with my students dear friends!!!! It does not get better than that, for this artist anyway!!!

Last but not least I wanted to share some pictures of a small bit of the found object treasure that I gathered on my recent trip to Cape Cod.

I am planning on trying my hand a t drilling small holes in these lovely smooth stones so I can incorporate them into some of my new bead work designs.
I had lots of luck finding sea glass this year and I also found a very old piece of tumbled china (not Pictured) . I will be working on incorporating these bits either with wire wrapping or treating as components in some resin pieces. The clam shell bits with holes (Quahog shells) will be added into the free form beaded work.
Guess I need to get busy beading!!
I hope that everyone has a very creative couple of days !! Try to find a cool spot to follow your creative muse!


MosaicMagpie said...

Oh, the fun I could have in that great workspace! All that lovely storage too. The cuffs are beautiful! Do get rid of your stamps, if you are like me as soon as I get rid of something I find the perfect use for it! I wish for my cross stitch books to use in my crazy quilting. Don't ever throw anything out...famous last words of a hoarder!

Karen Williams said...

Your studio looks just as a studio should, in my opinion! So many possibilities, just waiting to happen.

Jacky said...

What an Aladdins Cave of creative treasures. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful workspace.

I'm like you, love so many different mediums...wonderful, imagainative play, but what chaos I create as I go. I spilled out of my small art room ages ago and need to get things under control too.

How lovely your friend bought two of your pieces. Always nice to know they have gone to someone who 'loves' them.

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news for your beaded pieces. How fantastic to know that they have gone to someone who really loves them.

Your studio looks so enticing. I'd love to come and have a mooch around it!

martha brown said...

I LOVE your studio... It looks remarkably like mine! if you need any tips on drilling glass or stone, I can give you step by step instructions - I've done hundreds of them ( beach glass)

Sharon said...

I am drooling over all your things. My goodness we certainly could have some fun!!!!

Peggy Beck said...

Your cuffs are so stunning. I have thousands of beads that just sit in my studio and wish I could do this type of work. I will give thought to classes. You are an inspiration.

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; I'd have a ball in that art space of yours! Just super! Love your cuffs and knew you would sell 'em as fast as you make them. Love your treasures, too! xxoo

Christine said...

Hi Elizabeth!! I love and am seriously envious of your studio space! Wish I had one of my own...

We're partners for the Bead Soup Blog Party, and I emailed you, but also wanted to leave a comment here in case you didn't get my email. Yahoo has been acting strangely for me lately...I'm so excited to "meet" you, and maybe we can meet for real, since I'm about an hour from you anyway. :)

BeadsMagic FREE PATTERNS said...

Looking like a nice place!

Vivian Helena said...

A lady with a studio "mess" like mine, nice to meet you. I am out in Ca. I understand your studio as mine has gone from neat to "wild". But most of the time I can find things.
We are doing some similar projects, I love the sun printing..
Make it a great day, vivian

pam ferrari said...

I would be interested in rubber stamps If you plan on selling them. I am looking for stamps for etched on metal. So words, flowers,and cute designs. I love your wok space very colorful.


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