Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing with Color

Today has truely been an amazing weather gift, here in Central VA!! The sky is clear blue with fluffy white clouds , a bit of a breeze and temps in the mid 80's. We don't get many days like this at this time of year!! After taking care of the neighbors dogs and cats, I spent an hour in the garden, dead heading Daisy's, Brown Eyed Susan's and roses while drinking my morning cup of coffee. The birds were keeping me company as I put fresh water in their bath and the hum of the Cicadas had not even begun!!
As I ahd started my day with color I decided to stick with the game plan. Out came the sunpaints and the fabric. I have finally chosen a theme and idea for a Quilt Challenge that I am participating in. This is for the Power Suit Challenge being run by Textile Artists Judy Gula and Cindy Souder . The 18 x 18 quilt is due at Artistic Artifacts by the end of August so my decisions are bordering on last minute!!! I will be using a sunprinted background and altering the shirting fabrics that were provided to create my piece. I am going to hold off on more details as we have been asked to not talk too much about this before the celebratory Reveal at Artistic Artifacts in October. But I will share a few crumbs here and there. (Yah, I thought that would make you all just so happy!!) Part of this finished sun print will become my quilts background.
In the top most picture you can see that I had golden rod, basil blossom spikes, verbeana, daisies, clover and grassy weeds covering the painted damask table cloth piece. I am really happy with the results so far. Now for the shirting.

All of these pieces are from a sample book that I took apart and painted with the paints. I used palstic doilies and a cut up onion bag to cover the fabric while it dried in the sun.
I used all sorts of samples here many have plaids and stripes that are so common in men's dress shirts. They all came out really well and, with the weather, they dried in about 20 minutes!!

Now on to the cutting and construction!!

I hope that wherever you are you are having wonderful weather as well!!


Ro Bruhn said...

What a gorgeous collection, I love the delicate top print and the contrast of the vibrant second one, looking forward to our sunshine returning.

Jacky said...

That sunprinting looks gorgeous...looks like a field of wild flowers. It will be beautiful I am sure.

Jacky xox

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I want to learn more about this technique it look fascinating !! Sun painintg and soudn like you ahd a perfect day to do this .

Anonymous said...

The sunprints are wonderful. I was thinking how much I liked your wild-flower meadow and then the geometric patterns of the doilies really blew me away!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I like all of your sun prints, especially the one with the doilies and netting. Great resi;ts!

Peggy Beck said...

These are stunning.


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