Friday, August 12, 2011

Roasting Romas!!

I was inspired to try this recipe after talking to a friend who was on a big canning kick!! These sounded so yummy I was almost drooling. !!
On Saturday i set off for the local Farmers Market, there is a smll market taking hold right here in Stafford which thrills me because I do not have to negotiate I-95 to get to the otherwise closest market. I plan on giving these wonderful local farmers all sorts of support so the market keeps going and possibly grows!! So I set off to buy Roma tomatoes. My tomatoes really pooped out- it just got too hot , too quickly and for too long a stretch, they got sun scald and are gone. SIGH!!
This pan above is about three pounds of roma's sliced in half and drizzled with Good Extra Virgin olive oil mixed with lots of crushed garlic (about 6 lg cloves), a teaspoon and a half of freshly cracked black pepper , a teaspoon and a half of kosher salt. I should have added Fresh Rosemary but I lost my plant last winter and I was not going to pay grocery store prices for a few old sprigs. (Note to self: Get a new Rosemary plant and put it in a different spot!!)
Once the 'maters were well slathered, I popped them in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 (yes!TEN) hours!!!! Once they cooled, I put them in covered container drizzled on a bit more fresh olive oil and popped them in the fridge.
These little jewels taste like candy to me!!! There is no strong garlic taste after the slow roast. The process brings out an intensely sweet tomato flavor that is just scrumptious!!! I have been eating them plain and also putting them atop a freshly toasted multi grain bagel covered with low fat Garlic and chive creamed cheese for lunch!! DELISH!!!!!
Well tomorrow is Saturday and I am heading back to the Farmers Market to get ..... you guessed it..... More Roma's!!!!


My name is Cindy said...

Roasted tomatoes, olive oil and garlic - what's not to like? I often roast tomatoes as a side dish but never for 10 hours, will have to give it a try!!

Wendy said...

Oh my, your romas' look wonderful, we love tomatoes and usually can't get enough of them, the ones in jars are so very expensive. Too hot here also for maters, next February I will start new ones.

Christine said...

Oohhhh....Roma tomatoes are so near and dear to my heart! ANY tomatoes, actually. I dehydrated a bunch from our garden this year so I can savor them in the middle of winter! YUM.

Gerrie said...

I make pizza in the winter with roasted romas - yummy!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Some crusty bread and a nice crisp glass of wine and what more could you want. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us. xox Corrine

Patti G. said...

OMG I will be right over E!!!!!!!!
These looks super delish!
Roma's make the best salsa too, firm and not so many seeds! These roasted ones look soo yummy! You go girl! need a new rosemary plant and plant in a different spot! Heheheh!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness this sounds so good. Thanks Elizabeth I shall have to try this one. Yummmmmmy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, they sound and look delicious!

Marilyn Rock said...

Lovin' your romas! WOW! Lots of eye candy here Elizabeth. Enjoy the blog party!


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