Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Feathers Have Flown!!

These feathers should now be in the hands of Jude Hill for the Magic Feather Project. I think that I am going to stitch a few more to send along. Jude has posted many wonderful tutorials on her Magic Feathers Blog about how to stitch feathers. If you have not heard of the magic Feather Project, give yourself a treat and click on the above link to find out what it is all about!!! I stitched these feathers before I ahd watched any of her instruction and now after watching them , I feel that I could have done a much better job with these!! I wanted her to have a sun printed feather for her collection as well. The sun prints capture such amazing detail with the found feathers that I have used, and I did not think that she would get another one quite like this . I just love them!!

From Feathers I will move to birds and my Rust Printed Bird Fabric Fragment packs that I am now selling in my ETSY shop. If you want to take a peek and see all of the various prints available you can go here. I think that I will be listing three packs of feather sun prints soon!

I also have birds with a feather packs!!
You can find my Vintage Button Stack Earrings at my Etsy Site as well!!

Last week I learned a new chain maille pattern from the Chain Maille Wench at Beads on Parade in Fredricksburg. Carol calls herself the Chain maille wench so don't be offended!! Carol is an amazing artist. Many of the chain maille designs that she teaches are ones that she has created herself. She also designs incredible seed bead jewelry. Several of us are trying to encourage her to write a book but she says that as soon as she does that, it all becomes work and not fun!!! Hard to argue with that logic!! This bracelet is called Vertebrae and just to jazz it up a bit and make it chunkier, i added the small rigs with the magnatama beads on the edges. By adding two different colored beads in the same manner to each of the rings, I have created a piece that from one side looks mostly silver and when you flip it over it is mostly black ! I am planning to make a similar bracelet for my niece Mali's birthday (Ahhem her birthday is today- yes I am LATE, Again!!!) For Mali's bracelet I will use bright red rings for the large central rings and turquoise for the smaller rings and add silver beads for some extra BLING!!

Recently I was so inspired by my wonderfully talented and creative friend Ro Bruhn. If you have not visited Ro's wonderful blog and seen all of her luscious colorful work- You simply MUST DO IT NOW!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had posted some foam tray stamps that she had made and was talking of holding a class to teach the technique. I would soo sooo love to visit Ro and to play with her but she lives in Australia!! One of my dreams once college tuition's are paid for and other bills are all gone, is to pop over the ocean for a nice long visit with all of my Aussie blogging buddies!! Yes A girl must dream!! Any way her post inspired me to have a go at foam carving for stamps and I wanted to attempt one as detailed as she had. mine are not nearly as well designed as hers but it was quick and they work beautifully and it was great fun and very relaxing!! Try it! All you need is some clean foam meat trays and a very dull pencil or a ball point pen that has run out of ink!! If you do try it, the best way to apply paint to these is with a brayer!

Well this post has been a bit of a hodge podge but I would not want anyone to think that I was stumbling about with nothing to do and nothing to show for my time!!!

happy Creating everyone!!


Ro Bruhn said...

Love the feathers Elizabeth. Your stamps look fabulous, thanks so much for your kind words and the link too.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wow, you have so much wonderful stuff going on- you are a creative dynamo, bravo! xox Corrine

Claudine Intner said...

Ooh! I love all the goodies in this post. I hadn't heard of the feather project before. I love the rusted birds. You are so creative!

Susan Elliott said...

First of all, I'm so THRILLED to see you made a feather using one of your gorgeous sunprints. It's perfect and it's so YOU.

And I did visit Ro's blog and now I'v added one more to my reader!!! Aaaaghhh!! But you're right, her work is wonderful...Happy day beautiful lady.


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