Thursday, September 15, 2011

Revealing a Sun Print- Sharing the Squeal of Delight!!!!!

I am living in full blown surface design addiction at the moment!! the technique of choice is sun printing.
I simply cannot get enough!
I am constantly on the lookout for items, plants, leaves, stencils, whatever that will make good masks and therefore create interesting sun prints.
Yesterday, I had 5 foam boards loaded with different bits of cotton all painted and masked and sitting out on the lawn in the western sun. I know the neighbors must wonder what the heck I am doing now.! In fact I wish that they would ask, so I could share the Squeal of the Reveal with them.
It is that much fun!!!
I do guarantee that if you do this YOU WILL SQUEAL with delight when your peel off the masks to reveal the print, after the fabric has dried. It is an involuntary reaction not to be denied!!!
Above, you can see a painted piece of cotton covered by a very lacy plastic place mat that I found at some thrift store recently. Keep your eyes peeled for such jewels, they are out there!!!

I enlisted Becca's help for these pictures as one needs two hands to do this and I needed to capture the moment of the SQUEAL!!! I can hear you!!!
Look at the beauty that the peel of the place mat has revealed!!! I am really amazed at the detail that this fabric can pick up with this place mat as a mask. Even the tiniest hole is shown in the dried print!!!! LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE!!!!! Who would have imagined such wonders waited beneath that dark green plastic!!!??????????

These are several of the other prints that I did yesterday. When the prints done using the leaves and flowers are dry, the petals and leaves have shrunken and sometimes stuck to the fabric. The reveal is somewhat less dramatic with the smaller organic bits but the SQUEAL is no less delighted!!!!
My favorite of the day besides the plastic place mat has got to be the grape leaves at the top of the picture below!!
I have no idea how I managed to achieve the mottled look under the leaves- the leaves are stuck tightly down onto the wet fabric, but I certainly do like it!!!!! One of the only problems with this technique is repeat-ability- one can never count on it!! So each bit of printed fabric is a one of a kind unique individual. That result happens to be fine with me!!!

If you are interested in giving sun printing a go you will need Seta Color Fabric paints from Pebo. The best place to get them is here!!! If you do go for it, be sure to work with some friends , you will have a SQUEALLY GOOD TIME!!!!


Gerrie said...

Any acrylic paint works - there is not magic in the paint. In fact, you could put this in a dark basement and eventually get the same or reasonably the same results. It is the result of the paint wicking away from the area that is covered and not drying as fast. I hope my senior brain has stated this correctly.

Gerrie said...

I wanted to say - Nice work!

Jeannie said...

Try adding grapes to the composition with the leaves. They leave wonderful marks and you can imagine the grapevine.

Pat Winter said...

OH MY! I can't stop squealing!!! That lace piece especially made me squeal louder. I can't take this...I see an article in your future????
Hugs and squeals,

Annika said...

Wonderful fabrics! The lacy one is simply divine. Who would have thought that a plastic place mat could produce such a result.

Suztats said...

Wonderful wonderful results! A plastic mat did THAT?! Wow.

Leslie Brier said...

That's definitely my favorite one. Love it!

Anonymous said...

They really are fabulous and the detail in the lace print is stunning!

Aquariart said...

I am also a fiberholic. Love your sun prints. I have the paints already - need to get out there and do some now that it is cooling down here. I will be back to see what else you do with them!!

Carol Sloan said...

you're right...I did squeal! Awesome print!


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