Sunday, September 4, 2011

Newly Published in Crazy Quilt Gatherings

Pat Winter's wonderful Crazy Quilt magazine has just come out with the Fall issue. I am so excited to have an article published in this creative stitching journal. Pat does a fabulous job gathering articles about techniques, various artist's work and wonderful places to shop and build every Crazy Quilters Stash. The magazine, Crazy Quilt Gatherings, is available for order here. Several years ago I participated in a Crazy Quilters (CQ) Puzzle Piece Swap. I created my puzzle pieces using my version of fabric/paper. Pat was very complimentary of my technique and the results and inquired about specifics. When she began publishing her magazine and was looking for articles on interesting techniques, my tutorial came to mind.
I certainly don't expect anyone to read the article here!! If you are interested you cna order your own copy form Mag Cloud. Once ordered, the magazine will be printed and sent right to your door., It is a wonderful system and Pat is getting lots of orders and tons of wonderful feedback!! this is a lot of work!!!
My article was a two page spread. The end result was showing how one could use their own crafted fabric/paper in their Crazy quilting designs. Here you can see a piece that I have incorporated as the central piece of this bag flap. If you click on the picture and enlarge you can see the layers of text and illustration beneath the flowers and butterfly colored images. I stitched this piece into the bag front piece using my sewing machine and I have begun to embellish with trims ,beads and silk ribbon embroidery.

I hope to have the purse finished soon so I can carry some of my own work on my shoulder. If you have any interest in Crazy Quilting I urge you to run on over to Pat Winter's wonderful blog! You are in for a real treat!!!


Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations Elizabeth, your fabulous work being published is well deserved, your purse looks gorgeous.

Jacky said...

Congratulations Elizabeth...your two page spread looks fantastic.

Jacky xox

Suztats said...

My copy arrived last week, and I so enjoyed your article. Congrats!

Pat Winter said...

It was a pleasure sharing your unique process and I hope to see you in future publications.
As for beading while swinging, it has become second nature because I've been doing it for so long. It was tricky at first,similar to beading while DH is driving to Purdue to visit DS,LOL however it is easy now except for when Angell gets fidgety and moves every time I try to pick up a bead with a size 15 needle...yikes!
Hugs and so glad to hear you had some fun creative time.

Maggie R said...

Hi Elizabeth,I already have the digital copy of Pat's wonderful magazine...waiting for the paper version to arrive in the mail...
Your article is wonderful....very well explained... Thanks so much...
I learned to do this a few years ago with my fibre art group...First time I did it I didn't dilute the glue enough and my pieces came out quite stiff... I loved doing it so much I bought a gallon of the white glue!!!!OMG it will do me a lifetime!! VBG
Thanks for the inspiration. I think I will get out the glue this week and have some fun.


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