Monday, December 10, 2012

Art Journaling Workshop-From Cereal Box to Amazing Journals!!

On December 5th, I had the great pleasure of holding an Art Journaling Workshop for art students from Dominion High School in Loudon County, Virginia.  The students traveled down to Fredericksburg from Loudon County  by bus and met me at Artful Dimensions Gallery for our creative adventure.

15 students,2 teachers and 4 large tables filled the main gallery of Artful Dimensions with creative and colorful construction and learning.

 We used recycled cereal boxes to create unique art journals and covered them with papers created with varnish, mica powders, acrylic paint, spray inks and matte medium.

This beautiful cover is ready for some time on the floor to dry.

Watching the ink drip along the crumpled paper.

 After the morning spent creating various papers for the journals the ladies traveled down the street- all of 200 yrds to Castiglia's  Italian  for some delectable pizza.  The proprietor, Luigi  had the pizza's ready and waiting for the girls as they walked in!!

After lunch we constructed the journals and discussed the many options for journaling and use of the books.

The girls did a fabulous job with their journals, don't you think? They are well on their way to exploring all of the wonderful possibilities that the routine of Journaling can add to their creative lives.

At 3pm the girls had to be on the bus and ready for their trek back to Dominion High .  We could have gone on for at least several more hours and reconvened the next day for more!!!   Plans are in the works for me to travel up to northern VA , during the spring semester, to spend some more creative time with this wonderful class!!

*****The idea to create these journals from cereal boxes came from artist Jennibellie and her fabulous tutorials!! She has some amazing ideas and you can see her tutorial for this basic idea here.  I started with her idea and have made the technique my own.*******


Ro Bruhn said...

What a great class, it's wonderful that you've started some young ones on the road to the art of journaling.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Dear Elizabeth
Thought I'd come straight over to say thank you for your kind comment and to see what you were up to now.
Now those young girls had so much fun learning to create those pages Elizabeth I can tell by the look on their faces and what a great teacher they had!
Sending some Christmas hugs to you dear friend,

Saturday Sequins said...

Wow, it sounds like this was an awesome project for the kids and a lot of fun for all of you! I love the creative reuse element, too.

One of my favorite bloggers is Jenny at Jennivellie Studio. She does a lot of art journaling and creative reuse, and she even has a Youtube channel with some great tutorials for other projects. I bet you and the kids would love it!


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