Friday, December 14, 2012

Felting Experiments

Recently I came across a wonderful little felting tutorial on You Tube. I have been interested in creating some felted flowers for quite awhile and here were some very intriguing instructions.  this rose was my very first attempt and I am thrilled with the simplicity of the technique.  All of the petals are felted as one piece using plastic for resists.  To the merino tops, I added some silk fibers in various colors as I did not have any appropriate colored silk hankies as the tutorial called for.  Check out the video and go make some felt roses!!

After being inspired by my friend Ro Bruhn's fabulous felting examples, I pulled out the fibers and fabric ( silk and scraps of felted sweaters) and had a go for myself.  This truly was just for play and was a decompression exercise following my whirlwind Workshop of last week.

To start I laid out merino tops color block fashion and then started sprinkling on bits of silk fabrics ( most of my silk fabric is harvested from Thrift shop finds) and yarn scraps followed by silk fibers.

After wetting out the fibers, i was ready to ROLL!!! And Roll and Roll and Roll and ROLL and ROLL I did!!  And then I rolled some more!  Next came the throwing to shock the fibers into place.
Thanks Ro, For the inspiration!!!

Here is a close up of a portion of the felted collage.  Not a single needle was used to create this project.  Now what to do with it???????  I have a plan up my sleeve and I will share it with you very soon!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

All of it is amazing as usual!

jan said...

Lovely colours, can't wait to see what you do with it.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a sad, sad day for you all in your country, such senseless carnage. On a lighter note your felting looks wonderful. If everyone participated in and enjoyed art and making, as much as we do, there would be far less violence in the world.

PeggyR said...

Oh I love the flower, I will have to try this! I have so much felt.

Jacky said...

Beautiful Rose... I will check out the link, thank you Elizabeth.

Your felting a la Ro is wonderfully vibrant. Looks like you've had lots of felting fun recently.

So sad for the loss of all those innocents in such a senseless rampage. Lighting candles every day this week for those little ones.

Jacky xox


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