Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Put A Lid On It" First Friday Opening

The new show opening at Artful Dimensions Gallery, where I have my studio and am a member, is titled" Put a Lid on It".  Each of us ahs embellished a finished box that was fitted with a bed for a 4 inch tile.  As each member works in a different medium, there are many different kinds of boxes. On the First Friday of each month all of the galleries in town have evening hours, the artists who show at each venue are present to meet the public and wine and nibbles are served. It is a wonderful evening to spend in Fredericksburg, especialy if the weather cooperates!

Here are the boxes that I created for the show.
 These roses were made with my hand dyed vintage damask linen tablecloth strips.  I stitched them onto a piece of velvet wrapped around a piece of heavy interfacing that was glued down into the cover.  i also added in bits of dyed vintage doily and leaves stitched from the same linen strips.

"Butterfly's Dream"
 This box is covered with Ice Resin over a sheet of my fabric /paper .  I did it in several layers and trapped the butterfly in the final layer of resin.

"Red Streamers"
 This box is covered with a bit of the felted piece from this post. Before the beading was done I had color copies made of each fiber piece, lined each box with the paper and then coated the interiors with Ice Resin as well.

"Circle Dance"
The orange box is from a piece that I needle felted quite awhile ago.  I then free motion stitched with circles in orange, yellow and bringt pink thread.  It is difficult to see in this picture but I did some extra stitch work and some beading on this box as well.
Here is an example of the itnerior treatment with the photocopied faber piece covered with Ice Resin. Each box except Bouquet was finished int his manner.  I  think customers might enjoy discovering the wonderful and  colorful surprise inside!!

This is a smaple shot of the display in my new studio!! On December 27th , my wonderful husband and kids helped me move studios from #7 to #5.  The advantages of #5 are many fold!  I am located immediately off the amin gallery floor, the space is larger and i am much closer to my art pals in this new location.    Here are a few pictures of my new setup!
This is the view from the back of my studio looking out onto the gallery floor.
Here is the new glass shelved display with the neato pencil sized LED lights that Tom installed for me.  The wonderful light makes all of my beaded pieces dance and sparkle!! Love the sparklies!! In the foreground of this picture you can see my new aquisition of a iron dress form.  I have skirted her with pieces of silk fabric, some silk scarves but mostly pieces of clothes harvested form thrift shop finds.  I will use these pieces in my textile collage work but I will use the  lovely colors and patterns of the fabric as a studio embellishment in the meantime.  On top of the dress form you can see the felted vest that I spoke of in this post.
I will be back for another post with more gallery pictures after our upcoming First Friday opening!  I hope everyone had a very Happy New Year"s celebration and your year is off to a very creatvie start!!  Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Elizabeth
Thank you for your very kind comment about me being published again!
I just love your new boxes especially the one with the roses on top and let me tell you how gorgeous your display is in your new studio room. Your dressform looks great the way you have decorated it all.
Your MIL scarf did turn out really well and looks yummy even though it was such a trial - how frustrating! You feel like you are wasting precious time when this happens.
Did you read about the Pink Scarf Project at Vicki's blog also?
I created a wrap embellished with dyed doilies and scrim rose. I think she is going to create a Pinterest site with all of the Pink Scarfs which will be awesome!
Sending hugs and love to you!

vicki said...

Elizabeth - your creations are just stunning!
I have just loaded your blog into my Grow Your Blog event - latest updates are on my blog - see you on the 19th


Susan Elliott said...

Love your lid E!! It looks like you are really enjoying your new studio...SO much inspiration!

EvalinaMaria said...

You have a lovely blog, thank you for sharing. I am a new follower and 'Grow Your Blog' participant. Have fun at the party!

Evalina, This and that...

p.s. I am a robot and I dislike to prove it that I'm not!


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