Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Birthday Art Doll

I have just created a new Art Doll for a dear friend's birthday. I have just recently met my new friend Lanise but I feel like I have known her all my life! She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA has grown children and she bleongs to my Altered Arts group. Since I began making my funky, transistor headed art dolls she has been one of my biigest cheerleaders. Her birthday also happened to fall on December 30th, a miserable time of year to have a birthday. So I decided to make her one of my special ladies. This is what evolved as I worked. I don't generally start with much of a plan , these gals just evolve on their own. Her legs are made from the rolled text of a crumbling Hebrew prayer book and bound with colored threads. Her feet are heart shaped charms. HEr wings are made from a crumbling crushed soda can that I retrieved from the street during a recent walk with the dogs, Pepper and Buddy. Her halo is a flattened Snapple bottle cap that I found in the local Target parking lot. So here she is!


Lanise said...

HI, Lanise here! This doll has not been out of my sight since Elizabeth 'birthed' her. She has a distinct personality and seems loaded with intention (or am I getting her confused with matter..)This is one talented 'gal. Elizabeth takes her ideas and gives them birth...seemingly with a very small gestation...she's an amazing artist who I am also utterly delighted to call friend. I look forward to many years of inspiration and friendship. Keep up the great work ARE art! You art goddess, you!!!

Katherine said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I'm in your Art Techniques group and had to come see your blog after reading some of your technique comments.

I make something similar to these dolls of yours - your dolls are adorable, creative, fun and VERY cool! What a great gift - Lanise is very lucky. To share such a neat friendship AND a great appreciation of art - you made the perfect birthday gift for her! And for Lanise to support you like that is really awesome.

I love your Snapple lid adds a "secret" to your doll making it even better.

Can I be your friend so you'll make me one of these??? My birthday is in August... ;)

Love your blog - you are extremely creative and talented. Please keep sharing!!

Queen Katherine ;)


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