Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fabric Post Card

I have just created a set of fabric post cards for a swap. The title of the swap is" A is for........" There will be additional swaps for every letter of the alphabet. I have signed up to make 4 cards for the letter A and 4 cards for the letter B. After the B cards are complete I think that I will take a break from these swaps as my Altered Arts groups is going to be starting some very involved projects. We will be able to share with each other in person. Sharing your artwork with another artist who is working on the same project is always much more fun than doing the more"anonymous" swaps that take place over the intenet. Although one really does get to know the members of the online groups quite well if you are active in the message boards.

Anyway here is my "A is for Artistic Arch" Fabric Post Card.
The interior of the arch is painted Tyvek that has been ironed to add texture- the heat creates the bumps, actually melts the tyvek. The arch was stamped usinga rubber stamp on muslin and sewn on hand painted muslin that had been embossed with gold. Lots of fun experiments went into creating these cards. The folks at the post office are getting used to my bringing them in to be mailed. I ask them to be hand canceled and they go rightthru the mail as is. The post office workers always have some interesting comments and questions. It never hurts to bring some art into the daily lives of other folks!!


Scrappy Cat said...

Very cool postcard Elizabeth! I just joined a postcard swap myself, so I'll be posting my results soon too.

MargaretR said...

The work on your blog is wonderful Elizabeth.


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