Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Art Dolls

I have created several new art dolls during the past several weeks. The first was a birthday gift for a dear friend who is involved in my Altered Arts group. This doll is actually an Angel. Her wings were fashioned from a pulverised soda can that I found on the street while walking the dogs. I cut the metal with tin snips and then forced some glue in between the layers of aluminum to keep the metal from falling apart. I embossed the wings with clear embossing powder and then sprinkled on tiny flecks of holographic glitter for some sparkle. The angel's head is an old electrical caopacitor backed with a smooshed Snapple cap, also retrieved from a parking lot. You can see the fact printed on the inside of the cap in the photo that shows the back of the doll. I just couldn't cover that up! The dolls legs are made from the pages of an ancient crumbling book of hebrew prayers that I found in an antique mall. I opened the book and the very first page was titled "Prayers for the Government"- not sure that there are enough prayers for that, but hope lives on !! The hebrew text is so beautiful and I rolled two sections of page and bound them with thread in different colors. Her little feet are heart charms.

I finished the next two dolls this past weekend. The first is a gift for a friend. Her hair is made from soft fiber fringe and her head is backed with an Orange Crush Bottle Cap.

Her legs are made of hand painted fabric rolled beads and the quote on her dress reads: "A smile is a curve that sets things straight." One of my all time favorite quotes, credit- Phylis Diller (she had very wild hair too, as I remember!!)

The next doll is my first Pin Doll. I amde this doll to wear to a class that I taught this weekend titled Found Object Jewelry. ( Note to self: Focus on one or two techniques , don't try to teach it all!!!! The class went well but I was exhausted- my students went home and continued creating so at least I lit the fire!!)

This little lady is sporting a crystal bead necklace with a "Laugh" charm on it and Go-Go boots made from old earrings. She is such fun to wear and she got alot of attention!

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