Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First Beaded Goddess Art Doll

I have always been fascinated with beadiwork, especially that which is encrusted with beads. This interest prompted me to join a very friendly "open to newbies "art dolls Yahoo group. I had previously begun amking my own art dolls but I wanted some assistence with the beading part. This group makes lots of goddess dolls and has lots of swaps. It has been the perfect place for me to learn!

This is my first attempt. She is my Goddess for the WInter Goddess Swap and she will soon be making her home in Nitro, W.VA with Edna!

i made her form first by layering muslin with a sparkly silver mesh fabric and machine stitching all over to hold the two fabrics firmly together. Then she was stuffed and her polymer clay face was glued on. Then I just sat down with a selection of white and clear beads and started beading. It was hard to stop!!

The mother of one of my son's good friends say her and has asked me tot each her how to create a goddess doll and to teach her how to do the beadwork. Myfriends at the Whistle Stop Bead shop want me to write a curriculum for a class forcreating Goddess dolls!!

I guess that I have more teaching ahead of me!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!


ddsellers said...

Wow - these are beautiful. I cannot believe these are your first dolls. I just love all the beadwork.

Katherine said...

There is no WAY this is your first beaded doll...WOW! She's beautiful!! I love the way you mixed the pearl clay with the beads and added the blue/greens...I need to go join some swaps you're involved in so I can get in on some of these creations!

Just when I think I've seen my favorite piece by you, I look a little further and something else jumps out at me! You need to re-title your blog from "Elizabeth Creates" to "Elizabeth Creates Eye Candy"!!

Love your style!

Kyla said...

Beaded art dolls are so fun. I have made few and each time I try to challenge myself to try something new

Kyla said...

P.S. I love yours the white on white is wonderful

Randy said...

We love this image! Please consider our call to artists for our new book ANGELS & GODDESSES at Your work is great and just what we are looking for. If you submit this image will have at least one full page in the book. I jury the art.


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